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Batten Leadership Institute courses

The certificate in leadership studies gives students the opportunity to gain both practical and academic experience in leadership studies that serves as a perfect complement to any major field of study. In addition to introductory and advanced leadership seminars representing disciplines across the curriculum, students will complete courses offered through the Batten Leadership Institute (BLI), where they develop working knowledge of leadership theories and skills, as well as gain experience conducting a leadership project. The program culminates with the year-long leadership capstone course, during which students serve on the BLI advisory board, provide mentoring to beginning leadership studies students, and supervise leadership labs. The program is open to all interested undergraduates and does not require an application process.


Requirements for a Certificate in Leadership Studies

20 credits.
It is strongly recommended that students choose an introductory and advanced seminar from two different departments.

  • Introductory Leadership Seminar (4)
  • BLI 101: Leadership Skills (4)
  • BLI 201: Leadership Project (2)
  • BLI 211: Leadership Experience Seminar (2)
  • Advanced Leadership Seminar (4)
  • BLI 471, BLI 472: Leadership Capstone (2, 2)


Courses in leadership studies

BLI 101: Leadership Skills (4)
This course employs a case-in-point teaching methodology to help students both learn and experience the dynamics of adaptive leadership theory in thought and action. In this interactive, discussion-based course, students will explore issues of technical vs. adaptive leadership challenges, their relationship to authority, work avoidance, factions and loyalties, and the compassion and collaboration at the heart of meaningful change and effective leadership. Open to first-year students. No prerequisites. Offered both terms.

BLI 201: Leadership Project (2)
Use your leadership skills to design and implement a BLI group project and experience the life of a team. Through this collaborative experience, students will delve into the way teams function, examining elements that create success and foster dysfunction. Students will work to strengthen accountability through pointed sessions of giving and receiving meaningful peer-to-peer feedback. Open to first-year students. Prerequisite: BLI 101. Offered both terms.

BLI 211: Leadership Experience Seminar (2)
Using various models to support your experiential learning, this class is designed to expand leadership abilities by applying a systemic focus, first inward, then outward. Students will examine their own cultural experience to understand how these influences impact the construction of your values and behavior while stretching to develop a greater understanding of others in order to become fully present in the midst of conflict and try out new interventions in service to moving themselves and the group toward progress. Prerequisite: BLI 101. Offered both terms.

BLI 471, 472: Leadership Capstone (2, 2)
The central focus of the Capstone course is to strengthen considerably your ability to both give and receive constructive, meaningful feedback. As the year unfolds, we will work to create a supportive, resilient group of participants mutually invested in mentoring BLI 101 students in leadership lab and growing one another as mentors. Prerequisites: BLI 471: BLI 201 and 211; BLI 472: BLI 471. Permission of instructor is required. BLI 471 offered Term 1; BLI 472 offered Term 2.


Leadership seminars

Availability of course offerings will vary by academic year

Introductory Leadership Seminars:
Seminars open to all students:

  • BUS/SOC 252: Organizational Behavior
  • EDUC 141: Schooling in American Society
  • GWS 141: Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies
  • GWS/HIST 225: Women in Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 155: Hitler and the Holocaust
  • HIST 203S: Nations, States, and Violence
  • POLS 102: International Relations
  • SOC 113: Intro Soc: Individual in Society
  • THEA 161: Acting Dynamics

First-Year Seminars (introductory):

  • ENG/GWS 197F: Women/ Bodies/ Voices

Advanced Seminars:

  • BIOL/ES 357: Conservation Biology
  • BUS 224: Ethical Leadership
  • BUS 349: Corporate Finance
  • BUS 474: Senior Business Seminar in Strategic Management
  • COMM 125: Public Speaking
  • COMM 220: Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 270: Intercultural Communication
  • FILM 281: Video Production
  • GWS/POLS 213: Globalization and Poverty
  • HIST 334: Gender and Imperialism