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Batten Leadership Institute

Batten Leadership Institute


BLI video Three seniors talk about what they've learned through BLI.

What you’ll gain from BLI.

Through our training, you'll get to know yourself in tough situations, learn how to negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes, and explore how to grow a healthy team and lead others as well.

  • You'll learn the language of conflict management through dynamic tag-team negotiations and simulations.
  • You'll see how the world sees you through videotaped analysis and personal coaching from senior students in the program.
  • You'll receive training and have face-to-face negotiations with other students and seasoned professionals.
  • You'll design and execute team-based leadership projects.
  • You'll become a member of BLI's own student-led board.
  • A Certificate in Leadership Studies.


What the experts say.

"The intensive exposure the institute provides to the theory and practice of leadership is without peer among undergraduate programs for women."

Loren Gary
Associate Director for Leadership and Development & Public Affairs, Center for Public Leadership
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University

"BLI has developed a program that [is] truly an essential component of a contemporary undergraduate education."

Walter F. Ulmer, Jr.
Lieutenant General, U.S. Army (Retired)
Former President and CEO, Center for Creative Leadership


What our graduates say.

"The directors and instructors at BLI are advocates of developing your own personal leadership style and not merely appropriating leadership skills that seem to have worked for others."

Megan Hennessey '07
Communication instructor, Expeditionary Warfare School
Marine Corps University at U.S. Department of Defense

"I learned that leadership is connecting and uniting people around a common vision, one they can identify with and see the purpose in."

Ciana Brown '07
Operations Manager
United Way of Central Ohio

"I'm serving on our public service center student advisory board. I'm the only person on the board who has had a similar experience before, and I feel so prepared to be there."

Elysse Stolpe '10
Law Student
University of Virginia Law School

"Being able to listen to my students' stories and to show empathy, while still holding them to high standards, can be difficult, but based on the experiences I had in BLI, I feel prepared to face these challenges."

Katy Allamong '11
Teach for America

"Batten grew me as a person. It's a place that's going to challenge you to make goals, widen your lens, look at things with a different point of view, relax and breathe, and yet throw yourself into the fire to see where it goes."

Alex Herring '11
Branch Service Associate
Trinity Wealth Management Group