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Business graduates: Where are they now?


M. Danielle Ayers '06

"Hollins provided me with valuable opportunities that prepared me for life after college. The business department is great: the classes are challenging and the faculty is extremely accessible. Studying abroad in London increased my interest in international affairs. The Career Center was especially helpful in facilitating opportunities, and I found two internships through the center. One was with a nonprofit community development organization and the other with a major investment firm. Most importantly, I found my current job with the Navy through the center. Today I am a program analyst in the International Programs Directorate at the Naval Inventory Control Point in Pennsylvania."

Elizabeth Barron

Elizabeth Barron '04

"After graduating from Hollins as a business and finance major, I worked for the Tall Timbers Land Conservancy. Tall Timbers is the largest regional land trust in Florida and Georgia, with over 108,000 acres of land under permanent conservation easement. My work focused on assisting the organization with community planning issues associated with the conserved lands in the region. I completed a master's degree in Florida State University’s urban and regional planning program, and I have recently completed a law degree at the Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville. I currently work at the Ausley & McMullen law firm in Tallahassee, where my practice areas focus on environmental and land use law, administrative law, and litigation. At the end of the day, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and analytical skills are the things that have been most important to me in my career. I learned those things in business classes at Hollins, and they formed a valuable foundation.

Shannon Curley Shannon Curley '05

"As a global business consultant for Cushman & Wakefield, Inc., in the global market access solutions practice area, I help clients expand/define their global business platform strategy. The professional path that I chose would not be possible without the solid education I received from Hollins. One of the major advantages of a business education at Hollins is the professors. Not only are class sizes small so that you have the opportunity to interact with the professors, they are also more than willing to assist you in whatever your goals are. I have yet to experience such a supportive atmosphere again."

Madeleine Green

Madeleine Green '07

Just a month after graduating from Hollins as a business major, I landed a job with Navigators Management Company in Chicago. During the time I’ve spent training to become an underwriter, I have continually drawn on the skills and knowledge I acquired at Hollins. I have learned that being successful also requires an ability to work as part of a team, to be discerning, and to recognize talent. The dynamics of the real world are not the same as they are in academia. At Hollins we were prepared for the shift in dynamics and having that advantage has helped me in more ways than one. The move from class projects and exercises to formal presentations is dramatic. Fortunately, my work at Hollins prepared me for the real world and having been prepared I was able to move effortlessly into an excellent position at a great firm.”