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Economics graduates: Where are they now?

Recent graduates are now working for specialist firms operating on the New York Stock Exchange and at major bank-holding companies. One alumna is the CEO of a lending and money-managing corporation in Charlotte, N.C. Alumnae have become vice presidents and upper-level managers, and each year Hollins graduates are accepted into prestigious MBA programs (e.g., Harvard, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, University of Pennsylvania), graduate schools (e.g., University of Chicago, Rutgers University), and law schools (e.g., University of Michigan).


Wenti Du "My four-year undergraduate study at Hollins prepared me well for my studies for my Ph.D. in economics. At Hollins, I was highly encouraged and inspired by my professors in the economics department. The small classes guarantee active and close interactions between professors and students, and mentors and tutors are always there to help when questions come. Moreover, the cross-disciplinary culture at Hollins helped me to expand my horizon and provided opportunities to explore in other fields besides my majors."

Wenti Du '10 (currently pursuing a Ph.D. in economics at Claremont (Calif.) Graduate University)
Kelcy Mueller "My education at Hollins and the brilliant and supportive professors I had the opportunity to study under gave me the confidence and understanding of analytical thinking that are necessary for a successful law school experience. Furthermore, my internship with UBS, which was sponsored by a Hollins economics department alumna, is an experience I am tremendously grateful for as I interview for jobs in a tight legal market."

Kelcy Leigh Mueller '10 (graduated from the University of Houston Law Center in May 2013; currently an associate at Hoover Kernell LLP, a commercial and employment litigation firm in Houston.)
Jennifer Roberts "After graduating from Hollins, I spent two years working in the financial services industry. I left just as the recession hit to follow my passion for the nonprofit sector. Not only were the skills and experiences I gained at Hollins transferable across two very different industries, the university’s small classes also helped me become more comfortable speaking out and making an impact. When I returned to school to get my M.B.A., I found that I not only had the business acumen to run with alumni from larger schools, I was better prepared to lead teams, navigate ambiguous situations, and look at problems from multiple viewpoints."

Jennifer Roberts '06
Nandini Roy "I began my professional journey in the USA at Hollins. Two internships at the New York Stock Exchange and one at the World Bank enabled me to land a full-time position at the New York Stock Exchange Regulation (subsequently FINRA) after completing my B.A. Three and a half years later, I decided to pursue my M.B.A. in finance at Baruch College in New York City. Two years in business school was very challenging, but I excelled mostly because of my training at Hollins. I was never shy about talking and sharing my ideas with a class full of very intelligent students, and I also had honed my strong analytical skills courtesy of the rigorous courses both in the business and mathematics departments at Hollins. I leveraged my previous experience in student government leadership (class treasurer and Academic Policy Board member) to serve as vice president of Baruch College’s Full-Time Honors MBA Association. My liberal arts studies at Hollins have been immensely beneficial in building my career within the consulting and regulatory industry."

Nandini Roy '06, financial services consultant for Ernst and Young
Radford Whitney "During my time at Hollins, I interned with Smith Barney, UBS Financial, and Flowers Foods. These internships allowed me to build my résumé, gave me a sense of the real world, and provided hands-on business experience that I applied in the classroom. My internship with Flowers Foods landed me the job I have today as an analyst on the business analysis and insights team. Through the liberal arts education I received at Hollins, I learned to work with a team, think critically, solve problems and make effective presentations, among many other things. I use these skills on a daily basis as I analyze different sets of data that enable me to make fact-based decisions, provide market insights, and formulate recommendations to our executive staff and sales and marketing teams."

Radford Whitney '09