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Learn more about our English and creative writing students.

Chelsea DeTorres Name: Chelsea DeTorres
Major: English with a concentration in creative writing
Minors: Business and psychology
Certificate: Leadership
Activities while at Hollins: Founder and head editor of The Cyborg Griffin
Year of graduation: 2012
Hometown: Farmville, Virginia

"I chose this major because I love words! At Hollins, I met others who had the same passion as I do. The teachers will really tear up your work, but in a good way. Because of classes like the intensive workshops of Advanced Creative Writing, my writing skill has simply exceeded my wildest dreams. When I graduate, I plan to go to graduate school and study children’s literature. Because of the inspiration the teachers here at Hollins have been, I want to be a professor and forever continue to discuss all kinds of words."

Amanda Dutton Name: Amanda M. Dutton
Major: English with a concentration in creative writing
Activities while at Hollins: Cargoes co-editor, Student assistant in the English department
Published: Poem, "When She Speaks: Reimagining Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth," The Classical Outlook, Winter 2012.
Year of graduation: December 2012
Hometown: Salem, Virginia

"I have found that the most valuable resource available to English majors at Hollins is the English faculty. The professors I’ve taken class with have worked to establish an engaging classroom environment and have been acutely aware of each student’s individual needs as a writer. Most of my professors have been glad to schedule a time to answer any questions about craft or material we’ve discussed in class, and have often suggested certain writers for my personal reading or to help develop my own work. As an English major, I have the advantage of working closely with the many accomplished writers who comprise the English faculty."

Jessica Franck Name: Jessica Franck
Major: English
Minor: French
Activities while at Hollins: Grapheon Literary Society co-chair, Cargoes reader and co-editor, Nancy Thorp reader, Midnight Showings participant, English dept. assistant, Cargoes National Poetry Contest winner (2), Literary Festival Poetry Contest finalist, Gertrude Claytor Poetry Prize for Academy of American Poets honorable mention, AWP Intro Journals Contest finalist
Year of graduation: 2012
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

"I study English/creative writing, because I revere it. At Hollins, we are fortunate to have a creative writing concentration, which is not offered at all universities, so we have the opportunity to gain workshop experience and take classes dedicated solely to writing and craft. We have diverse literature classes and amazing writers who also happen to be great professors and friends. A class that has been invaluable to me is Cross-Genre with Cathy Hankla. My post-graduation plans consist of writing fellowships and/or literary nonprofits while taking a year off before applying to MFA programs."

Eileen O"Connor Name: Eileen O’Connor
Major: English/creative writing
Minor: Music
Activities while at Hollins: Concert Choir, Talmadge Singers, SRLA
Year of graduation: 2012
Hometown: Independence, Virginia

"One of the reasons I came to Hollins was the strength of its creative writing program. I have wanted to be a writer for a long time, and here I found a welcoming atmosphere in which anything and everything seems possible. I think the greatest strength of this program is in its professors: they are knowledgeable, helpful, and accessible. Thanks to them, I have expanded my boundaries, come to appreciate all of my own work, and look forward to new opportunities and possibilities. I hope to continue writing in the future."