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Alison Ridley
Associate Professor of Spanish
Chair, Modern Languages
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Hollins University
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German and Japanese.

The department of modern languages offers majors in French and Spanish and programs of study in German and Japanese.



Students enrolled in German courses will attain appropriate levels of proficiency in the four language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and aural comprehension) and will become familiar with German cultural heritage. Students also have a study abroad opportunity at the Ludwigsburg University of Education in Germany. More info »

Courses in German:

  • GRMN 101, 102: Elementary German (4, 4)
  • GRMN 111, 112: Intermediate German (4, 4)
  • GRMN 388: Teaching Foreign Languages (4)



Students in elementary and intermediate Japanese courses will be introduced to Japanese civilization and culture and will develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Japanese. Students in elementary Japanese will begin to master hiragana and katakana, and students in intermediate Japanese will develop their skills in kanji.

In addition, students have a study abroad opportunity through our exchange program with Kansai Gaidai in Osaka, Japan. Further information may be found on the Hollins Abroad page on our Web site.

Courses in Japanese

  • JPN 101, 102: Elementary Japanese (4, 4)
  • JPN 111, 112: Intermediate Japanese (4, 4)
  • JPN 250: Special Topic: Advanced Intermediate Japanese (4)
  • JPN 250: Special Topic: Advanced Intermediate Japanese II (4)

Yasuko Kumazawa, lecturer in Japanese, B.A., Doshisha University; M.A.L.S., C.A.S., Hollins University


Study abroad

Many students of modern language take the opportunity to study abroad. Hollins makes study abroad as accessible as possible:

  • Multiple programs
  • Abroad credits are applied to graduation requirements
  • Financial aid, including Hollins grants and scholarships, can be applied to any Hollins or affiliated abroad program