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  • Math Headlines & Deadlines for Students (from the American Mathematical Society)
  • U.S. News and World Report Information on Finding A Graduate Program
    This site provides various services for students who are trying to learn about graduate programs in various disciplines. For example there are rankings of graduate programs by discipline and sub-discipline (computer science is listed under engineering) and links to articles that give advice on how to pick a graduate school.
  • Peterson's Guide To Graduate Programs
    This site will also be of interest to students who are considering graduate school. You can search for information about graduate programs based on a variety of key fields (geographical location, discipline, etc.)


Career information

  • MAA Math Classifieds
    Math-related job listings
  • National Security Agency (PDF)
    Apply early in your senior year. (Mathematicians)
  • ASA Career Center (American Statistical Association)
    What is statistics, what do statisticians do, what industries employ statisticians, how to become a statistician and other resources.
  • Sloan Career Cornerstone Center
    Information about careers in actuarial science, mathematics, and statistics.
  • Career and Employment Resources for Mathematics Students
    A site from the MAA that has links for descriptions of careers in mathematics, advice for looking for a job, advice for looking for a graduate school, and other information.
  • Mathematical Scientists at Work
    A collection of career essays in which women and men with mathematics backgrounds describe the ways in which their training in mathematics impacts upon their work.
  • Mathematics Career Bulletin Board
    The AMS (American Mathematical Society) and the SIAM have constructed a great web resource on careers in mathematics. Learn about the careers of mathematicians in non-academic positions, or read about some actual applications used by mathematicians in their jobs.
  • SIAM (Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics)
    Thinking of a Career in Applied Mathematics? A good source of information and advice on how mathematicians work in industry.
  • The Early Career Profiles Network
    A web resource provided by the AMS on which mathematics departments systematically provide job profiles of their recent bachelors-degree alumni, highlighting where they work and how they got their job, how they use math on the job, their academic background, and their advice for students.


Summer undergraduate research



  • Chicago Teaching Fellowships (PDF)
    Chicago Public Schools Chicago Teaching Fellows is an aggressive campaign to recruit outstanding recent college graduates and mid-career professionals to join our efforts to provide Chicago's children with the education they deserve. To be eligible to apply, a bachelor's degree is required but an education degree or certification is not. Please visit our website at www.chicagoteachingfellows.org.
  • Indianapolis Teaching Fellowships (PDF)
    An initiative with Indianapolis Public Schools


Summer graduate research


Links of interest