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What should we believe?

What do we believe about truth, knowledge, reality and moral goodness, and for what reasons, if any, ought we to believe it? What is the nature of logic, and to what extent can logic help us answer these questions. If you're interested in discussing these questions, and finding out what some of the world's greatest thinkers have to say on these topics, then the philosophy major is a good discipline for you. What can you do with a philosophy degree? Philosophy is a wonderful course of study for pre-law and other fields or professions that require analytical skills and clear thinking. Philosophy majors score higher on the LSAT and GRE tests than any other majors, along with mathematics, physics, and economics majors. As a Hollins philosophy major, you'll learn the history of philosophy, be trained in the techniques of logic and philosophical reasoning, criticism, and writing, and become fluent in a variety of important topics in philosophy. All philosophy majors share a common core of courses. As you move into intermediate and advanced work, most courses are taught as seminars or group tutorials to encourage discussion. Seminars encourage collaborative learning and teach students to think critically and present reasoned arguments.


Why a philosophy major makes good sense

According to The New York Times, "In an age of M.B.A.s and computer scientists, more than 4,000 American college students graduate each year with a bachelor's degree in the ancient discipline. Sometimes their parents and friends wonder what will happen to them. Yet philosophy majors appear to do remarkably well. Their professional success may stem from the fact that philosophy students seem more likely than those with other degrees to attend graduate or professional school."