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Political science graduates: Where are they now?

Lauren Smith

"Professors use their courses to teach students to think critically and creatively. Small class sizes give students the confidence to explore their positions, to defend them, to make mistakes, and to try again. Professors expect a lot from their students, but they are always accessible, supportive, and willing to help. I did not realize how rare that combination is until I left Hollins. We should all be so lucky to have professors who are personally invested in their students' growth and success. That investment, combined with rigorous academics and small class sizes, prepared me well for law school. I owe my success there to Hollins and its political science department."

Lauren Smith '05
J.D., University of Michigan Law School '11


"The professors encourage students to form their own opinions on issues, creating an environment of rigorous and open academic discourse. My classes were small enough that I could establish a strong rapport with my professors and classmates. This made me feel comfortable expressing opinions and participating in discussions."

Heather St. Clair '07


"Critical inquiry is a foundational skill acquired in political science courses at Hollins. The pedagogies the department's professors employ instill an appreciation for both challenging work and the challenging of ideas. Learning in this environment ultimately allows political science majors to think more creatively and engage traditional political science material in innovative ways. My term paper assignments, for instance, prompted me to theorize from the discipline's intersections rather than limit my research and analyses to a single field."

Emily Abeles '04


"The professors are a fountain of information and exceedingly intellectual, yet they are also personable and understanding. They expect great things from each student and do not hesitate when asked for help. The curriculum is thought-provoking and keeps up with the fast-paced political arena."

Brittany Walker '08