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Psychology graduates: Where are they now?

Lauren Staley

Lauren Alice Staley '11

"I graduated with a B.S. in clinical psychology and have since been employed by the American Institutes for Research, one of the largest behavior and social science research organizations in the world. As a research assistant, I have had the opportunity to take on various leadership roles, develop my project management skills, and learn new data management software and programming languages along with many other skills I use for various high-profile projects. Hollins prepared me well for this position: my extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis; study poster preparation; and professional presentations of study results presented me as a well-rounded candidate. Dr. Flory and Dr. Bowers (along with the other incredible psychology professors) provided various opportunities for me to be a part of their own research, exposing me to the research community outside of Hollins, ultimately contributing to a strong fundamental understanding of research."

Lia Kelinsky Lia Kelinsky ’09
"I graduated from Hollins with a B.S. in psychology. I am now employed as a research assistant, working with the Individual Differences in Development Lab at Virginia Tech on an exciting project studying the effects of parents on child development. I am the liaison to Virginia Tech in Roanoke and am responsible for daily data collection; participant recruitment; Web site design and maintenance; and supervision and training of interns (one of whom attends Hollins). I believe my alma mater prepared me well for this position with my internship at the Developmental Neurobiology Lab at Rockefeller University, my independent studies (especially Advanced Statistics), and my leadership development as student body president. Each of these helped me stand out when applying for my position. Thank you, Hollins."

Samantha Toney Samantha D. Toney ’07
"I can truly say if it weren’t for my time at Hollins, I would not be where I am today. The professors in the psychology department encouraged me to strive for my best and explore all options available to me. The opportunities and guidance I had at Hollins led me to the profession I was born to do. Professor Michalski guided me through the tedious and nerve-racking process of applying to graduate schools. Thanks to Dr. Michalski and the rest of the department, I was fully prepared for the rigorous academics of graduate school. In June 2009, I completed my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Nova Southeastern University and am currently pursuing my Ph.D. there."
Christy Somerville

Christen Somerville '09

"The psychology professors at Hollins have been some of the most inspiring and influential people in my academic career. As wonderful researchers and teachers, the faculty allowed me to explore many hands-on research opportunities which gave me a solid foundation to build upon after Hollins. With a thorough education of psychological theory and statistics, I felt knowledgeable and well-prepared during my first semester of graduate school at Brandeis University. I am currently working on research concerning the development of aggression in human subjects."

Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie M. Pratt '09

"The Psychology department at Hollins has helped me realize my potential. Throughout my time at Hollins I was able to work on three different research projects and present two of those at the annual Southeastern Psychology Association conference. With support from Dr. Bowers and Dr. Ledger, I was able to conduct my senior honors thesis based on my interests in psychology and computer science. Due to the psychology department, I gained a strong background in statistics and research which makes me confident that I will be able to reach my goal of becoming a human factors professional."

Ashley Grizzard

Ashley Grizzard '08

"Hollins inspired me to look for the 'real world' application and value to my classroom assignments. My research became less about grades, and more about the experience. Professor Ledger and Professor Flory exposed me to cognitive psychology and perspectives of human behavior I had never considered. Their influences remain in my work today, as I pursue my Master's in Social Work."