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Lindsay Little '08

"The religious studies major at Hollins has given me the opportunity to explore and pursue many of my varying interests. The focus on world religions provides a wonderful lens through which I can expand my world view and understanding of different cultures."

Lindsay Little '08

What religious studies students are saying...

"When I began college, I had no idea that I would end up minoring in religious studies. My first year, I took an introductory course out of interest and, after that, almost every semester I saw that there was another Religion class I was interested in. Even though the department is relatively small at Hollins, there are always interesting and informative classes offered. I decided to minor in religious studies my junior year, and I feel as if my time at Hollins has been more beneficial because of this decision."

Kristy Hanson '07


"I became a religious studies major because I wanted to have a different perspective on not only scholarship within the liberal arts, but also on current world events. It doesn't matter what your personal religious or spiritual beliefs are; religious studies has opened my mind to different cultures around the world and has even helped me understand my own beliefs in more detail and depth."

Megan J. Hennessey '07


"The religious studies department is really a wonderful department to major in. The professors are very helpful and some of the best professors on campus, in my opinion. The classes cover diverse topics in many different traditions; and this major fits in well with other majors. I really love being a religious studies major and would highly recommend it."

Malia Gutierrez '07


"Don't be intimidated by the field religious studies. Religious studies can help you in many other classes that you'll take at Hollins!"

Mornique Smith '08


"I chose Hollins University's religious studies program because of the diversity of study in that area. The curriculum involves a very broad base of study."

Carolyn Word '07


"The religious studies department at Hollins provided me with the opportunity to study a very diverse range of religions. It was wonderful being able to broaden my experience in that way."

Kathe Almonte '07