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Ashani Davidson

“Everyone is quite welcoming.”

In some ways, coming to Hollins from Jamaica was a big change for Ashani Davidson '17, but in other ways it seemed familiar. "I was really stunned by the beauty of the campus buildings, surroundings, and views from different areas of the campus," she says. But she knew she "would be comfortable since I have been attending all-female schools for most of my life."

She quickly adapted to campus life, becoming the public relations contact for the Black Students Alliance (BSA) club, a member of the Global International Association (GIA), and a member of the swim team. One of her favorite things about living on campus is walking into the student center and "hearing the laughter and chatter of a whole diverse lot of students, each different but unique in their own way." She also enjoyed being a part of the International Student Orientation Program (ISOP). "My mentors and [program director Jeri Suarez] did a great job making me feel welcome and comfortable. Some of my closest bonds and friendships were formed in ISOP, but everyone is quite welcoming."

Right now she is planning to major in biology and minor in international business. She is also pursuing the Batten Leadership Institute (BLI) certificate. “I never thought I would be the one to take a leadership class since I am pretty confident in the person I am," she says. "But after my first semester of BLI I can definitely say that I have learned to view my ways from many different angles and have seen new areas of personal and professional growth that I would love to build on."

Other plans include taking advantage of Hollins’ many internship offerings, especially those in New York City and London, and continuing to volunteer in the local community.

Ultimately, she says, she plans to obtain a medical degree and also use her international business training "to travel and establish a link between the medical and business worlds."