Jasmine Greene

“I came here to make history.”

Jasmine Greene '13 says her mother chose Hollins for her, but she "stayed because of what I knew I would become throughout my four-year process."

To say the business major from Hampton, Virginia, has focused on basketball would be an understatement. She has attacked it with a single-minded purpose. "I was all about basketball when first got here, so my expectations were narrow: make history and win basketball games. I did both, and a whole lot more."

Here’s a short list of her accomplishments:

  • Holds the Hollins record for points, assists, and steals
  • Holds the Hollins record for most field goals attempted and made
  • Holds the Hollins record for most free throws attempted and made
  • Senior year, led ODAC in scoring, besting the 20 points-per-game mark with 20.2 points per game
  • Senior year, was three times named the ODAC Women’s Basketball Player of the Week

One of the things Jasmine is most proud of is the role she played in turning the basketball program "completely around. I came in when we were 0-64, and I am glad to say that I got to be a part of the rebuild."

In 2010, she got a taste of what she would like to do after graduation: playing basketball abroad. That year she played on a U.S. Select D-3 team, which "started in Miami, then went to São Paulo, and finished in Rio de Janeiro," she says. "In addition to playing against some of the professional leagues in Brazil, we did a little community service with the kids in Rio. It was a pretty amazing experience."

She leaves Hollins happy that she made basketball history, but her satisfaction with her school extends beyond the sport she loves. "Hollins allows you to be involved with everything," she says. "I would advise freshmen to try everything, little by little—not all at once or you’ll go crazy. Find your niche and run with it. You’ll definitely find your unique talent before you leave, and don’t be afraid of it."