Abby Klein

“You have to have a sense of self.”

Abby Klein '15 is, in her words, "an over planner." When she got to Hollins in the fall of 2011, she had a firm idea of what she wanted to do—and how she would do it. "I always knew I wanted to do finance and econ, I knew I wanted to study in London, I knew I wanted to intern at Estée Lauder. So it's all panning out."

It has panned out. Abby spent seven months during her sophomore year—one during January Short Term and then another six in the spring and summer—doing a communications internship with Estée Lauder, first in New York and then returning to work for them in London. In New York, Abby worked intensively on Estée Lauder’s Global Leadership Forum, a project focused on crafting the company’s strategies for the coming year. In London, she turned her attention to Estée Lauder’s town hall event—during which the company unveils its strategies and upcoming five-year plan. "I helped organize the forum’s speakers. I reached out to them and made contact. [One of my jobs] was envisioning and helping create an introductory video explaining who [the speakers] were."

But even with all of Abby’s over planning, there’s still a chance her plans could change. "I’d say Hollins helps you find who you are, which is really important with any internship. You have to have a sense of self," she said. As for her initial plans for finance and econ: "This internship really helped me see that while I really appreciate the theories behind a lot of what I’m learning, when I had the communications internship dealing with people on a daily basis, I enjoyed that a lot more than calculating percentages."

Abby said her favorite part of the process was getting to know Alex Trower '86, who sponsored the internship. "She’s amazing. I want to be her when I grow up. I really enjoyed getting to know her and find out what her time at Hollins was like."