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Ashley Browning
Director of Admission
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Mary Ellen Apgar
Transfer Student Admission Coordinator

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International Student Admission Coordinator

Mary Ellen Apgar
Director, Horizon Program
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Transferring credits

A student will receive credit for those courses taken at a regionally accredited college or university that are comparable to Hollins courses and in which she has earned at least a "C" grade. The Hollins registrar evaluates each transcript on an individual basis and prospective students will receive a "Transfer Credit Evaluation". The registrar in consultation with the faculty determines transfer courses that meet Hollins' general education requirements. Transfer students are required to submit an academic catalog or copies of the course descriptions from all colleges attended.

If you are currently pursuing an associate's degree at one of Virginia's community colleges, you may want to refer to the Community College Transfer Module below for a listing of the classes you may take at your school that will satisfy the entire general education requirements at Hollins. Completion of this module is equal to 41 semester credits at a VCCS institution. Hollins also has a transfer guide listing all of the transferrable credits from the Virginia community college system accepted by Hollins.

Hollins has formal articulation agreements with various colleges in the Virginia community college system. Contact Mary Ellen Apgar for more information.

In order to obtain a bachelor's degree from Hollins University, a Horizon student must complete a minimum of 40 credit hours.

Please have all transcripts and course descriptions sent to:

  • Hollins University
    Office of Admission
    P. O. Box 9524
    Roanoke, VA 24020


Community College Transfer Module

Prospective students who are currently attending one of Virgina's community colleges must select from the following Virginia Community College System (VCCS) courses in order to complete the transfer module. All courses must be completed within the VCCS and students must earn a grade of C or better in each course if they wish to transfer the set as a module. This package will be acceptable at Hollins University as complete fulfillment of the Hollins general education core (Education through Skills and Perspectives). Students do not have to complete the associate’s degree to meet fulfill the Hollins Transfer Module.

  • English (6 credit hours)
    ENG 111-112: College Composition

  • Humanities (6 credit hours)
    ART 101, 102: History and Appreciation of Art
    MUS 121,122: Music Appreciation
    ENG 241, 242: Survey of American Literature
    ENG 243, 244: Survey of English Literature
    ENG 251, 252: Survey of World Literature
    HUM 201, 202: Survey of Western Culture
    PHI 101, 102: Introduction to Philosophy
    PHI 211, 212: History of Western Philosophy

  • Social Science (6 credit hours)
    ECO 201, 202: Principles of Economics
    GEO 221, 222: Regions of the World
    PLS 211, 212: U.S. Government
    PLS 241, 242: International Relations
    PSY 200, 201, 202: Introduction to Psychology
    PSY 231, 232: Life Span Human Development
    SOC 200, 201, 202: Introduction to Sociology
    SOC 211, 212: Principles of Anthropology

  • Science (8 credit hours in one sequence, including lab)
    BIO 101-102: General Biology
    BIO 231-232: Human Anatomy and Physiology
    CHM 101-102: General Chemistry
    CHM 111-112: College Chemistry
    CHM 113-114: University Chemistry (10 cr. hrs.)
    PHY 101-102: Introduction to Physics
    PHY 201-202: General College Physics
    GOL 105-106: Physical and Historical Geology
    or the combination of GOL 105: Physical Geology with NAS 130: Elements of Astronomy

  • History (6 credit hours in one sequence)
    HIS 101-102: History of Western Civilization
    HIS 111-112: History of World Civilization
    HIS 121-122: U.S. History

  • Mathematics (3 credit hours)
    MTH 151: Mathematics for Liberal Arts I
    MTH 163: Precalculus I
    MTH 166: Precalculus with Trig. (5 cr.)
    MTH 173: Calculus with Analytic Geo. (5 cr.)
    MTH 175: Calculus of One Variable
    MTH 181: Finite Mathematics I
    MTH 240: Statistics
    MTH 241: Statistics I
    MTH 270: Applied Calculus
    MTH 271: Applied Calculus I
    MTH 273: Calculus I (4 cr.)
    Also, VCCS MTH courses offered prior to Fall 1994
    MTH 161: College Algebra and Trig.
    MTH 165: College Algebra
    MTH 171: Precalculus Mathematics I

  • Information Technology (3 credits)
    One computer science course approved by Hollins

  • Oral Communication (3 credits)
    One public speaking course approved by Hollins

Total credit hours = 41