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Special Fees

(Subject to change)



Studio art classes have additional fees based on consumable materials provided and used. The fees range from $50 to $300, depending on the course. Students should check with the instructor at the beginning of the term for a lab fee estimate.



$125 per course. This is an overload fee that applies to full-time traditional undergraduate students and full-time Horizon students taking greater than 22 credits. For all other students, the cost to audit a course is the normal full-time per credit fee.


Extra Credits

Students must have the permission of the dean of academic services to carry fewer than 14 or more than 18 credits in any term. The tuition fee for traditional undergraduate resident and full-time day and Horizon students covers up to 22 credits per academic term. Additional credits approved by the dean of academic services and taken beyond 22 credits per term will be charged at the rate of $1,052 per credit.



Fee of $100 is required for some courses.



Graduation fee of $110 is used to offset the costs of commencement such as programs, rentals, sound system, food service, and diplomas. This nonrefundable fee is assessed in the final term for all students being tracked for degree completion.



Single room, an additional $925 year; double room as a single, an additional $3,620 year.


A student who withdraws after the beginning of the term will be charged a minimum of one-half the term fee. The fee for MUS 101: Beginning Class Piano and MUS 116: Beginning Class Guitar is $150 per term.

The fees for private music lessons are:

  • one-hour weekly lesson, $435 per term
  • 45-minute weekly lesson, $330 per term
  • 30-minute weekly lesson, $220 per term

For nonmatriculated students who enroll only for music lessons, the charge is:

  • one-hour weekly lesson, $540 per term
  • 45-minute weekly lesson, $405 per term
  • 30-minute weekly lesson, $270 per term

During January Short Term, charges are:

  • $190 for four one-hour lessons
  • $145 for four 45-minute lessons
  • $100 for four 30-minute lessons


New students are required to pay a one-time orientation fee of $225.



Nonrefundable. Unpaid fines for violations will be billed.

  • $75 per year
  • $37.50 per term
  • $10 for Short Term
  • $10 for Summer Term



Boarding fees must be paid by the semester.

  • $1,115 per semester
  • $1,025 per month to board a student’s horse in upper barn
  • $890 per month in lower barn, which includes special feed and blankets

Boarding fees are billed and due monthly.

Student Government Association

  • Full-time students (per year): $300
  • Part-time students (per year): $150


Technology Fee

This fee supports student-driven services that include greater integration of technology in the classroom, expanding network capabilities, upgrading computer labs and software, and providing wireless access in the library and the Visual Arts Center.

  • Full-time student: $325 (per year)
  • Part-time student: $162.50 (per year)
  • Horizon student (off campus): $150 (per year)



$5 per transcript.