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Alumnae Class Web sites and Facebook pages/groups

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  • If you are interested in setting up an alumnae class Web site, please see the guidelines below.
  • If you have already created a class Web site and would like to see it listed here, please send the link to us at alumnae@hollins.edu.

Disclaimer: Each class Web site is maintained by individual classmates and Hollins is not responsible for any content or maintenance of those pages.

Horizon Alumnae

Guidelines for Developing a Hollins Alumnae Web Presence

We encourage you to tap into the following resources on the Web to connect with your classmates or alumnae in your city. Remember to share your Web site address with us at alumnae@hollins.edu so we can advertise from the Hollins pages. If you need any assistance, let us know and we’ll be glad to help!



  • Once you have a Facebook profile, create a “Group” or “Page” for your class or alumnae chapter.
    • Group: You can make a Group “Open” or “Closed” (completely private and only viewable by Group Members). The admin of the Group has to approve new members. Groups are generally meant for smaller groups of people you know personally, and have limiting functions in place when the group members exceed a certain number.
    • Page: More public, anyone can “Like” your Page on Facebook. Once you have set up a Page within your profile, you may add other admins to help you manage the Page.
  • To make it easy to find if an alumna searches Facebook, name your Group or Page “Hollins Class of…” or “Hollins CITY Alumnae Chapter.”
  • Try to steer clear of Group or Page names that just indicate the reunion number (i.e. “25th Reunion” or “Our 5 Year Reunion”) because many other classes from Hollins (and other universities) will have pages with similar titles, making yours harder to find. Also, this will extend the life of your Group or Page beyond your Reunion year.
  • You can create a Page here or create a Group from the “Create Group” link on the left hand navigation of your Facebook home page.
  • On your Group or Page you must:


  • Blogs are usually created and updated by one individual, but give your fellow alumnae the option of commenting on individual posts. There are a number of free providers, including WordPress and Blogger.
  • Blogs are essentially an online diary with a feedback option, so they can be a great place for you to record the thoughts and ideas of a Reunion committee or planning for alumnae chapter activities.
  • On your Blog you must:


Web sites

  • There are a number of providers who offer free basic pages, including Google and Weebly.
  • Similar to blogs, Web sites are often created and maintained by an individual, but they have a much broader range of flexibility with regard to options and content than do either Facebook or blogs. However, they usually require more time, energy, and technical skill to maintain and update.
  • On your Web site you must:


Disclaimer Language

To limit confusion, all class and alumnae chapter Facebook groups and pages, blogs, and Web sites must have the following text on the main page in a readable font:

“This Facebook Group/Page/Blog/Web site was created by and for the Hollins University Alumnae Chapter/Class of (city/class year). Information on this Web site is intended for individual communication of a personal nature among Hollins alumnae. Use of this information for any other purpose is strictly prohibited. Accuracy of the information on this site cannot be guaranteed.

Hollins University and the Hollins Alumnae Relations office are not responsible for the content of this Group/Page/Blog/Web site. Responsibility for the Web site and its content belongs solely to the (city/class year) Alumnae Chapter/Class. This Web site is maintained by (person’s name with e-mail or phone number).”