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Hollins Information System

Questions and Answers for Alumnae/i

Q: What is the Hollins Information System?

A: The Hollins Information System (HIS) is a secure, password-protected online area that contains information and services for alumnae/i. There is an online alumnae/i directory and a form to submit class notes online. You can also submit changes in your email address, home and business addresses, and phone numbers.

When you log in for the first time, you will see a Terms of Use page, and you will be asked to change your PIN.

Inside HIS, you can select to show or hide certain information in your online directory profile.


Q: Who can use HIS?

A: Undergraduate alumnae and graduate program alumni of Hollins. If you attended Hollins at least one semester as an undergraduate, you are considered an alumna, and you have access to HIS. The campus community - students, faculty, and staff - have access to other areas of HIS, and do not see the alumnae/i online directory.


Q: What is my nine-digit identification number (ID)?

A: As part of the ongoing effort to improve security and prevent identity theft, Hollins has eliminated the use of social security numbers as identification numbers for our campus community. System-generated IDs have been created for everyone within the Hollins University community: students, faculty, staff, and alumnae/i. Please contact us to verify your 9-digit Hollins ID number. When contacting us, please provide your full name, class year, major, and birth date. Contact Alumnae Relations at alumnae@hollins.edu or (800) 846-5371.


Q: What is my personal identification number (PIN)?

A: Your PIN is usually your birth date in a six-digit format (ex. September 5, 1968 would be 090568). If you are unable to log in, your PIN may have defaulted to the last six digits of your ID number or your PIN may need to be reset. Please contact Alumnae Relations at alumnae@hollins.edu or (800) 846-5371 to reset your PIN.


Q: Can I use the alumnae information I find in the Hollins Information System to market my business to my classmates and friends?

A: No. Alumnae names, addresses and other pieces of biographical information are protected and confidential. This information is for noncommercial, personal use only, or for official Hollins University business. Use of this information for other purposes is strictly prohibited. Click here to read our privacy policy.