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Hollins Information System FAQ:
How do I find a classmate?

  • Once logged in to HIS, click on Alumnae/i Services.
  • Click on Communications.
  • Click on Online Alumnae/i Directory.
  • Use this search screen to find your friends and classmates.
  • The search is very strict, so if you do not have the name spelled exactly as it is listed in the directory, you will not get results.
  • Often you get the best results by searching with only the last name field.
  • If you're searching on a common last name like Smith, we recommend you use the wild card "%." For example, to find Suzanne Smith, if you're not sure if she's listed as Suzy or Suzanne, enter "Su%" as first name and "Smith" as last name.
  • You can also search using one or both of the "Class Year Range" fields.
  • If you're not sure of the exact class year your friend was in (1964 or 1966?), you can enter "1963 to 1967" in the class year field.
  • If an alumna/us is deceased, in their directory listing a notation will follow their named saying "Deceased."
  • If you do not find a classmate, some alumnae/i request that we do not list them in the online directory, or elect not to show certain information in the online directory.
  • If you do not find a classmate even though you are using either only a last name search or only a class year search, and you believe they are listed in the online directory, please contact us at alumnae@hollins.edu and tell us the exact language you used in your search.