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Hollins Information System FAQ:
How do I log in?

Step 1: Under "Online Resources" in the left side menu of the Alumnae webpages, click "Online Directory Log in." You may also log in here.
Step 2: Click on Enter Secure Area.
Step 3: Once on the log in page, enter your nine-digit User ID and your six-digit PIN.

  • As part of the ongoing effort to improve security and prevent identity theft, Hollins has eliminated the use of social security numbers as identification numbers for our campus community. System-generated IDs have been created for everyone within the Hollins University community: students, faculty, staff, and alumnae/i.
  • Please contact us to verify your nine-digit User ID and six-digit PIN if you do not know them or if you need your PIN to be reset. When contacting us, please provide your full name, class year, major, and birth date.
  • Contact Alumnae Relations at alumnae@hollins.edu or (800) 846-5371.
Step 4: Click Login.
Step 5: Now you're at the Main Menu.
Step 6: Click on Alumnae/i Services.
Step 7: Click on Communications. Now you can click on Online Alumnae/i Directory to search for classmates or click on Class Notes Form to submit your news to Hollins.