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The Green and the Gold

Read the words to the Hollins University school song, "The Green and the Gold."


O fair maiden Spring, what hue will you bring

To our cause from your own sunny sheen?

You have brought for your part

the hue nearest your heart,

And spread Hollins’ hillsides with green.

And you, frosty Fall, the most brilliant of all,

What color for us do you hold?

You have laid your fair hand

with its torch on our land

And set our trees flaming with Gold.


The Green and the Gold we have lov’d it of old,

And to it we will ever be true.

For the mem’ry will last of the days that are past

And linger, dear Hollins, with you.

Oh, life, when we’re young,

is a song that is sung,

And must pass as a tale that is told;

But honor and praise to the end of our days,

We’ll render the Green and the Gold!


And still at the thought of the good she has wrought

Each heart must with gratitude thrill.

So to Hollins we’ll sing till the mountain tops ring

Our jewel of woodland and hill.

There are true, loyal friends that our college life lends,

And treasures of life manifold;

And may kind fortune bless with eternal success

Our Hollins, the Green and the Gold!


- Words by Phoebe Hunter, class of 1909; music by Almah McConihay, class of 1910