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Why are Alumnae Referrals Important?

Many of our best students are those referred to us by alumnae, and we encourage you to continue to strengthen the Hollins sisterhood. Watch this video to hear from current students how they heard about Hollins from alumnae.


Up to $1,000 for your referred student

If you make your referral before your prospect is admitted to Hollins, she will receive a $500 scholarship. She can earn an additional $500 scholarship when she enrolls by visiting the Hollins campus through the Office of Admission.






Rules of the Race to Reunion:

  • Goal: 200 new referrals of high school students of any age.
  • Each prospective student is only counted once - no double referrals.
  • We count referrals received from September 1, 2013, through May 30, 2014 (to give you a head start toward the goal of 200, the Office of Admission has included those referrals submitted since September 1st who were not included in the push for seniors associated with the Rally for Hollins.)





Reasons to attend a women's college

12 Reasons to Attend a Women's College

Read these "12 Reasons to Attend a Women's College" to begin or continue a conversation with prospective students about Hollins.




Reasons to Attend Hollins

Share these 16 Reasons with a prospective student so she knows the benefits of a Hollins education.









Help a high school student find her next step at Hollins.

Race to Reunion: Refer a Student by May 30

Your referrals of talented students have a direct impact on both the quality and quantity of the next class of Hollins women.



Ready, Set, Race to Reunion: Will Your Class Win?


After exceeding the goal by nearly double in last fall's Rally for Hollins referral campaign, alumnae proved that you know how to share Hollins with friends, family, and community members as they began their college search. As a new year brings a new season of recruiting the class of 2018 and beyond, the Office of Admission asks for your continued support as we #RacetoReunion.

Goal: Alumnae referrals of 200 new prospective students of high school age to Hollins

Finish Line: Reunion 2014 (May 30, 2014)

Race Standings: How is your class doing?


With a deadline of Reunion 2014, the Race to Reunion referral challenge encourages both Reunion and non-Reunion year alumnae to show your school spirit by referring  a total of 200 new prospective students of high school age to Hollins by May 30, 2014.

For Reunion class years, the race will culminate with recognition of the class with the most referrals at the alumnae celebration in the chapel on Saturday, May 31. Non-Reunion class years are encouraged to join in the fun, with special recognition awarded to the winning non-Reunion class year as well.

See how your class is doing below, and follow the race via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - tag your posts with #RacetoReunion!


Class Totals

Reunion Class Years are highlighted in GREEN

Non-Reunion Class Years are highlighted in YELLOW


The class years in RED have referred the most high school students so far.

Race leaders as of April 10, 2014

  • Reunion Class Year: 1959 with 8 referrals
  • Non-Reunion Class Year: 1963 with 16 referrals
  • Total referrals: 126 toward our goal of 200


Non-Reunion Class Years # of Referrals   Reunion Class Years # of Referrals
1958 1 1959 8
1960 5 1964 1
1961 1 1969 1
1963 16 1979 1
1965 3 1984 4
1968 2 1989 1
1972 1 1994 3
1973 1 1999 3
1975 3 2004 4
1980 4 2009 2
1981 1 2012 3
1982 1
1983 1
1985 3
1987 5
1990 3
1993 1
1995 2
1997 9
1998 4
2000 1
2001 3
2002 2
2003 2
2005 5
2006 1
2007 8
2008 1
2010 1
2011 3
2013 1



Not sure how to talk about Hollins to a high school student?

Hollins is the place where they can:

  • discover their passion and ignite their creative mind with challenging academics
  • find a clear path to success through meaningful internships supported by alumnae
  • focus on leadership development through the Batten Leadership Institute
  • experience the world through a diverse community and affordable study abroad programs for students of all majors

Share with her:

12 Reasons to attend a Women's College

16 Reasons to attend Hollins