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Results: Virginia Intermont Classic Horse Show


Here's how Hollins riders and horses performed at the Virginia Intermont Classic Horse Show, Feb. 28 - March 3:

Mydis (ridden by Lindsley Fletcher):

  • Low Hunter Over Fences, 4th and 5th
  • Reserve Champion Adult Hunter Over Fences, 4th and 1st;
  • 7th Under Saddle Adult Hunter 1st Adult Hunter Classic

Tres Coronas (ridden by Blair St. Ledger-Olson):

  • Low Hunter Over Fences, 6th and 3rd
  • Adult Hunter Over Fences, 6th
  • Adult Hunter Classic, 6th

Piece of the Rock (ridden by Sarah Brown):

  • Low Hunter Over Fences, 8th
  • Adult Hunter Under Saddle, 8th

Fabio (owned and ridden by Liz Valvano):

  • Schooling Jumper 1.00 Meter, 5th and 6th