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Insurance Policies and Procedures


Parents and Student-Athletes:

We are proud to have you join our athletics teams here at Hollins University. Below you will find an outline of policies and procedures regarding the insurance for the student-athlete.

Each student-athlete is required to carry their own primary insurance coverage. Hollins in accordance with NCAA carries secondary insurance for our student-athletes. This does not cover illnesses and/or injuries outside of athletics. If an athlete is injured during athletic participation then our insurance plan provides benefits in excess of those expenses not paid or payable by any other valid or collectible insurance.

Please advise the athletic trainer if your primary insurance requires use of a primary care physician prior to seeing a specialist, or if it requires the use of an in network physician or if any advance authorization is needed.

If a claim is to be filed on behalf of the student-athlete, then the athletic trainer will need a copy of these items to go along with the claim form:

  • Itemized bill: bills with just "balance forward" or "balance due" are not acceptable.
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB): this is the statement that is received by your insurance carrier.
  • If the benefits are denied then the copy of the letter sent by the insurance company stating the reason the charges were denied.


Be sure to include Hollins University and the student-athlete's name on any correspondence that is part of the claim.

Questions or concerns? Contact:

Kaitlyn Moffett, MS, ATC, VATL
Athletic Trainer
(540) 362-6205
Fax: (540) 362-6553