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Visiting Teams


Hollins University welcomes you and your teams to our campus. Teams are welcome to use our athletic training room before and after competition. We have a visiting athletic training room that can be used for visiting teams that have traveled with a certified or student athletic trainer. The visiting athletic training room is located right outside the visiting team locker room. Our main athletic training room is located just inside our women's locker room.

Teams will also be provided with water and injury ice during competitions. Hot packs and ice will be provided along with any taping that might be required. We are unable to provide any electrical modalities for your team but are willing to allow the use by any certified that is traveling with your team.

  • Teams must provide their own taping and first aid supplies.
  • No cups are available and teams must supply their own water bottles.


Below is the list of emergency telephone numbers:

  • If using a campus phone call 6911; if using a cell phone call (540) 362-6911
  • Emergencies: 9-911
  • Roanoke Memorial Hospital: (540) 981-7980
  • Lewis-Gale Hospital: (540) 776-4060


If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact the the athletic trainer:

Kaitlyn Moffett, MS, ATC, VATL
Athletic Trainer
(540) 362-6205
Fax: (540) 362-6553