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Have we got a plan for you — starting your first year

When you're mapping out your career, it helps to begin with a plan. Below is our recommended plan of action, but we encourage you to customize it and make your own.


You may think that you don't need to visit the Career Center your first year of college. Think again. During your first year, you should be learning about yourself, exploring your interests and skills, building your résumé through campus involvement, and focusing on getting great grades. How can the Career Center help? Visit us to:

  • Take the Strong Interest and Skills Confidence Inventory to learn more about your skills, interests, and possible careers
  • Find out what your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is and learn how that can help you pick your major
  • Learn what you can do with the majors you're interested in
  • Find a summer internship/volunteer opportunity that interests you and builds your résumé

Continue to explore your interests, hone your skills, be involved on campus, and visit the center to:

  • Chose your major (consult with your academic advisor, too)
  • Assist you with creating a résumé
  • Guide your internship search and application process
  • Discuss career possibilities for your chosen major with a career counselor
  • Take career and personality assessments
  • Explore study-abroad options
  • Plan a summer or January Term internship
  • Attend career Center programming throughout the year
  • Attend the fall and spring career fairs

Your junior year at Hollins will definitely be hectic, but don't worry. The center can help you:

  • Learn more about career opportunities for your major
  • Find internships and other volunteer opportunities
  • Update your resume
  • Learn how your experience with on-campus extracurricular can transform into job skills
  • Research the possibility of graduate school
  • Find internships for the summer and/or J-Term
  • Attend Career Center programming throughout the year
  • Attend the fall and spring job fairs to scope out internship possibilities

Seniors! The Career Center may be your most important campus resource during your final year at Hollins. Use the center to:

  • Attend skills-building workshops
  • Attend on- and off-campus job fairs
  • Learn how to write the perfect cover letter
  • Make your résumé stand out
  • Learn how to search for jobs effectively and efficiently
  • Sign-up for mock interviews
  • Use the Career Center's video interviewing station
  • Apply to graduate/professional schools
  • Attend Hollins University networking events
  • Keep a spreadsheet to organize job search contacts and networking contacts