What Hollins students say about their professors on MySpace


Jeanne Larsen: Her hair, her sense of humor, her extensive knowledge, and her might-as-well-be-your-therapist ways.


Joe Leedom, Peter Coogan, Richard Dillard, Michael Gettings: Because they inspired, encouraged, listened and responded. And Jim Downey, rock star-philosopher, for truly making my four years at Hollins a memorable experience.


Jan Fuller: An inspiration, a model of kindness and compassion, a goddess. Jim Downey, hilarious, engaging, one of my favorite people.


Jan Knipe, because she's hilarious, tells it like it is, and doesn't mind when we try insane materials.


Bill White, because he is the man when it comes to painting.


Bonnie Bowers, because she's so sweet and amazing at what she does.


Ed Lynch, because he's really nice and if there's one thing I really learned in college it was the chunk and basket theory.


Michael Gettings is pretty much the smartest person on earth.


Marilyn Moriarty, for being pretty much the most intelligent person I've ever met in my whole entire life — and because of her fondness for flat diet Coke and nicotine gum and ability to find humor in 18th century dramatic literature (which is NOT the most exciting genre).


Nancy Dahlstrom, for her awesome talent and patience with those of us who aren't necessarily artistically inclined.


Richard Dillard, for basically pushing students into uncomfortable corners and wringing good work from them. There are about a billion adjectives you could affix to the guy, but above all, he's an amazing professor and eager mentor.