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The Symbols

  = The Green and the Gold Society

Y   = Marian Wolff Young Society

* = matching gift

d = deceased



Giving Societies

Leadership donors to any designation at Hollins are recognized in the following giving societies:

The 1842 Society

Honoring the year Hollins was founded, The 1842 Society provides special recognition to alumnae/i, parents, and friends who give $1,842 or more during the year to any designation at Hollins. All members of The 1842 Society and Miss Matty’s Circle are invited to a special cocktail reception celebrating their dedication to Hollins at the President’s house the Friday evening of Reunion, and to an annual weekend celebration exclusively for these leadership level donors.

President's Society
$50,000 +

Founder's Society
$25,000 - $49,999

Quadrangle Society
$10,000 - $24,999

Main Society
$5,000 - $9,999

Carvin Society
$2,500 - $4,999

Botetourt Society
$1,842 - $2,499


Miss Matty's Circle

Miss Matty's Circle honors Matty Cocke, daughter of Hollins' founder, president of Hollins from 1901 to 1933, and the first woman to head a college in Virginia. "Miss Matty" led Hollins through a transitional period in academics as, for the first time, the school offered a four-year bachelor of arts program. Miss Matty's Circle recognizes young alumnae who are leadership donors; these donors enjoy full membership in the 1842 Society.

10-14 years since graduation
$1,000 - $1,841

5-9 years since graduation
$500 - $1,841

1-4 years since graduation
$250 - $1,841


The Green and Gold Society

The Green and Gold Society recognizes the important role played by those alumnae/i and friends who consistently support Hollins. Donors to any designation at Hollins for five or more consecutive years are honored with a star ( ) next to their names in the following lists in the Annual Report on Giving: the Giving by Class Year lists, Graduate Alumnae/i, and Family and Friends lists. Membership is also extended to recent alumnae/i who have given every year since graduation.


Marian Wolff Young Society

Named in honor of Marian Wolff Young ’29, who made a gift to Hollins every year from her graduation until her death in 2008 – nearly 80 years! The Marian Wolff Young Society recognizes lifetime giving to Hollins. Originally open only to the class of 1999 and younger, which is when the society was created, starting in the 2012-13 fiscal year the Marian Wolff Young society is open to all class years. Donors who give every year since graduation are recognized with a Y next to the name in the Annual Report on Giving and receive a ribbon to wear at Reunion denoting their membership in this society.


Levavi Oculos Society

The university motto, Levavi Oculos (from the 121st Psalm: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills"), emphasizes leadership and service in accord with the Hollins value and traditions. This lifetime giving society honors Hollins' most generous donors whose cumulative gifts surpass $1 million. Levavi Oculos member names are engraved on a marble frieze located along the walkway between East and Pleasants on campus.


The Heritage Society

The Heritage Society honors those alumnae/i, parents, and friends who have generously made a bequest provision or planned gift commitment for Hollins in their estate plans.





Important Information on Charitable Gifts

To make a gift count during the Hollins 2013-2014 fiscal year, gifts must have a postmark no later than June 30, 2014. Hollins' fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.





We have tried to report every gift correctly; however, if we have made a mistake, please accept our apologies and bring it to our attention by contacting Laura Tuggle Anderson '98, director of advancement services, at ltanderson@hollins.edu or call our toll-free number, (800) 846-5371.

Annual Report on Giving 2012 - 2013

Graduate Alumnae/i

                                    Graduate Alumnae/i

Gifts received July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013


The 1842 Society
Betty M. Branch '79, MALS '87  
Annie Dillard '67, MA '68  
Anne Bryan Faircloth MA '00 
Cynthia Kerr Fralin MALS '07  
Cathy Hankla '80, MA '82  
Mary Ann Harvey Johnson '67, MA '71  
Judith D. Krueger '58, MA '98 
Anna Logan Lawson '65, MA '70  
Lucy Lee MALS '85, CAS '03  
Betsy Abbott Stefany '70, MA '06  
William C. Wiley MA '74  
Other Gifts
Sarah Anne Chickering Ault-Klam '11, MALS 
Rachel Barham MALS '05  *
Dorothy White Beck MA '68  
Warren Bingham MALS '97 
Vera Borkovec MA '61 
Joey Marie Bourgholtzer '68, MA '75  
Letty Kavanaugh Bower '86, MALS '99  
Ashley Browning MALS '13 
Lee Ann Necessary Brownlee MALS '11 
Anita Thompson Brunero '92, MA '93 
Katherine Burkhart MALS '76  
Faye Owen Caldwell '81, MALS '89  
Janet Ruth Carty '87, MALS '99  
Domenic B. Castellane MALS '97, CAS '01 
Mary Ann Gerwig Chapman '71, MALS '85  
Scott Shackelford Christian MALS '87 
Nell Hightower Cobb '79, MALS '90  
Amanda Cockrell '69, MA '88  
Shani Nwando Ikerioha Collins '01, MFA '08 
Anna Cork '96, MALS '04 
Linda Eileen Durham MALS '88  
Linda Secrist Dwyer MA '86  *
Gene Brumfield Edmunds '63, MALS '86  
William Holt Edmunds MA '75  
Tina Egge MALS '78  
Jo Ana Eggers '84, MALS '89  
Thomas Michael Fallon MAT '02  
Emily Wade Fielder '05, MAT '10 
Anita Bruffey Firebaugh '93, MALS '12  
Jill Leann Frampton MALS '00 
Anne Riegert Frazier '83, MALS '90  
Charlene Gardner MALS '07 
Chris Gebhart MFA '10  
Crystal S. Gibson MALS '12  
Phyllis Gray MALS '06 
Tiffany Gutshall '05, MALS '09  
Ann Atkins Hackworth '82, MALS '95 
Michael Wayne Haga MALS '86 
Adam Steven Hahn MFA '12 
Nancy R. Healy MALS '84 
Mark A. Herrera MA '91 
Betty Ayers Hicks '68, MA '97 
Jeffrey M. Hodges MALS '11  
Jean C. Holzinger MALS '11  
Patricia Ottaway Howard '81, MALS '87 
Denise Rotival Huffman '78, MALS '94  
Donna Hughes-Oldenburg '74, MA '75 
Kristin Hunt '02, MAT '06  
Robert E. James MA '68 
John Ray Jennings MALS '72 
Mary Sue Luker Johnson '95, MALS '96, MA '01  *
Caroline Emily Jones MA '95 
Sandra Brown Kelly '89, MALS '94  
Shirley Leffel Kingery '83, MALS '91  
Donald Marshall Kinzer MALS '83  
Annette S. Kirby '84, MALS '13  
Gail Tansill Lambert '86, MALS '95, MA '00  
Lorraine S. Lange MALS '74 
Mary Larkin MA '03 
Jeanne L. Larsen MA '72 
Ann Carlton Bell Layman MALS '83 
Monty Simmons Leitch '73, MA '76  
Shirley Elisse Lendway MALS '08, CAS '10  *
Samantha A. Macher Johnsey MFA '12 
Jessica Manack '02, MA '03  
Sally Munger Mann '74, MA '75 
Douglas Mantz Jr. MALS '08 
Matt John Marshall MALS '08, MFA '11  
Elizabeth McConky Martin '99, MAT '03 
Majorie Coleman Mastin '63, MALS '80  
Langhorne Sydnor Mauck MALS '92  
Ranae Flora McBride MALS '92 
Suzanne Painter Moore MALS '88  
Erica Pandapas Myatt '97, MA '98  
Susanna Plummer Nave MALS '02 
Robbi Kellman Nester '75, MA '76 
Donna Nevers MALS '09 
Claire Alexandra Nicolas '10, MALS '13 
Rochelle Shapiro Nolan '88, MALS '90  
Kathleen Nowacki-Correia '75, MALS '07 
Joan K. Petrus MALS '91 
Kim Pinckney MALS '09 
Betty Griesenauer Price '83, MALS '85 d  
Debi Mitchell Purdy '75, MA '76 
Pamela C. Reilly MALS '73  
Darlene D. Richardson '94, MALS '97, CAS '99 
William I. Rodier III MA '66 
Jennifer Burns Romeiser '84, MALS '08 
Meritha Rucker '09, MAT '12  
Brian S. Sieveking MALS '01 
Joan Simpson MALS '89 
Patrick Smithwick Jr. MA '75 
Tonia M. Socha-Mower '97, MALS '02 
Lynne Davis Spies '70, MA '80  
Matthew J. Spireng MA '71  
Kasey Freedman Sporck '04, MALS '06 
Pamela Ferris Stump '91, MALS '96  
Mary Swanson MALS '75 
Marilyn S. Thompson '06, MALS '13  
Howard T. Weir MA '74 
Josh Wheeler MALS '89  
Susan Downie Wheeler '84, MALS '91  
Leslie Vernon Willett '64, MALS '74  
Marilyn Johnson Williams MALS '91  
Nicole J. Williams '98, MALS '13  
Phil Pendleton Wright MALS '04 
James Edward Youniss MA '60