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The Hollins Campaign for Women Who Are Going Places

Renovations and Restorations


As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, all new building projects will incorporate energy and water conservation features to reduce the university's carbon footprint.

Read about the projects on campus that are building a better Hollins.



Did You Know?

The New York Times has described the Hollins campus as "achingly picturesque." The Front Quadrangle, itself an important recruiting advantage, traces the evolution of American collegiate architecture from the mid-19th to the 20th century and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Two magnificent new facilities have been added in recent years: the Wyndham Robertson Library, named the first national Literary Landmark in Virginia in 1999, and the Richard Wetherill Visual Arts Center, completed in 2004 with the total makeover of the former Fishburn Library building.


Campus Facilities


“I shall add 20 rooms for the better accommodation of the Music and Art Departments, two large and elegant parlors, a new and capacious Chapel, a Library, and a Reading Room.”

- President Charles Cocke, in 1882, upon learning the board had allowed him another $50,000 for plant improvements


Campus facilitiesPresident Cocke's improvements wound up costing much more than $50,000, and by 1892, Hollins' indebtedness had grown to more than $80,000 and the Cocke family, too, owed thousands.

No longer does Hollins operate with debt, thanks to a generous campaign donor's gift to pay it off, and no longer does the college start buildings before money is in hand.


While the Campaign for Women Who Are Going Places included no new buildings, it did provide for some $24 million for renovations to:



Campaign donor support for campus improvements:


Theatre renovation $3 million
Building renovations / campus improvements $11.5 million
Infrastructure and plant fund $8.9 million
Gifts in kind (including horses) $5.5 million
Viewshed protection $423,000
Science equipment $883,000