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Coed-graduate programs

Hollins' distinctive graduate programs serve men and women who want a graduate degree from a nationally acclaimed liberal arts university.

Children's Literature (M.A., M.F.A.)

The Children's Literature program offers graduate students an M.A. or an M.F.A. degree in the study and writing of children's and young adult literature over a period of three to five summers. Learn more »

Certficate in Children's Book Illustration
The goal of this program is to help artists develop a personal vision and style for tomorrow's picture book market. Learn more »

Children's Book Writing & Illustrating (M.F.A.)

Hollins now offers an M.F.A. in Children's Book Writing & Illustrating. The first master's degree of its kind in the United States, people who want to write and illustrate children’s books will be able to study both disciplines in the same program, developing the skills essential to becoming a children’s book author/illustrator. Learn more »

Creative Writing (M.F.A.)

The Hollins Creative Writing program is a two-year, full-time program designed for aspiring writers of literature; nationally known for its graduates and faculty of published writers. According to the Dictionary of Literary Biography, it is the best creative writing program in the U.S. Learn more »

Dance (M.F.A.)

The dance program at Hollins is a 60-credit degree which provides students with a wide range of experiences, opportunities, mentorships, and exposure to other practitioners in the international dance field. All M.F.A. students gather for a total of eight weeks during the summer months. During these summer sessions, students will be in residence at Hollins for five weeks, followed by three weeks in Frankfurt, Germany, at the Forsythe Company Studio and the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt. Learn more »

Liberal Studies (M.A.L.S.)

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program is for people interested in advancing their careers or exploring new ones. The interdisciplinary curriculum is flexible and features fall, spring, and summer terms, day and evening classes, full or part-time enrollments. Learn more »

Playwriting (M.F.A.)

The Hollins summer Playwriting program is designed for those interested in playwriting as well as those who want an academic study of theatre with the playscript as the central foundation. The six-week intensive schedule makes getting a graduate degree possible in just a few summers without sacrificing personal and professional goals. Learn more »

New Play Directing Certificate
The Playwright’s Lab professional training certificate program in New Play Directing is designed to provide graduate-level instruction from leading theatre professionals, along with practical experience in playmaking, for students who are not interested in obtaining a terminal degree. Learn more »

New Play Performance Certificate
The goal of this certificate program is to help performers of all experience levels learn the best practices for new play production and assist in the building of an impressive portfolio so that Hollins performers can become the strongest possible candidates for employment in professional, regional, and academic theatres. Learn more »

Screenwriting & Film Studies (M.A., M.F.A.)

Screenwriting and Film Studies is a summer program. While the M.A. is designed for those whose interest lies more in the academic study of film, the M.F.A. is for students who wish to focus strongly on the screenwriting component. Learn more »



Teaching (M.A.T.) is a flexible year-round program that allows graduates with a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution to earn teaching licensure and the master of arts in teaching at the same time. Licensure only is another option for people who already have a college degree and want to obtain licensure but without pursuing a master's degree. Learn more »


Certificate of Advanced Studies

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (C.A.S.) is granted when students enrolled have completed 10 graduate level courses beyond the master’s degree. This certificate provides current teachers an opportunity to obtain courses necessary to teach dual enrollment courses at the high school level. The certificate is also useful to those who desire to teach in a community college setting but do not have the required number of graduate-level courses in a particular subject area to meet the college’s faculty requirements. Learn more »