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What students say...

Megan Crew
Megan Crew, M.A.T. '08

"I chose to pursue my master of arts in teaching as well as my licensure (track 2). I was pleased Hollins offered an option such as this for students who did not have a previous teaching degree. Each class in the program offered a unique subject matter relevant to teaching, the classroom, and the most popular education topics. The professors demonstrated patience, a love for students, and a mastery of each educational theme. Thanks to the education department faculty, filing licensure paperwork was an effortless process. After my two years at Hollins, graduation day marked a milestone of self-achievement and assuredness that Hollins, in turn, had thoroughly prepared me to begin my teaching."

April Cheek
April Cheek, M.A.T. '02

"As an educator in the museum field, I wanted to have the opportunity to earn my licensure while obtaining my M.A. in teaching. Even while working full time, Hollins allowed me the flexibility to do both. Invaluable experience in the classroom and ongoing support from the faculty in the education department provided me with all of the tools I needed to be a success. Hands-on experience, in-depth lectures, and hearing from fellow teachers allowed me to explore various teaching methods, to understand contemporary issues in the field, to design curriculums for the classroom, and to implement fun yet meaningful teaching strategies and lessons that would have the most impact on diverse groups of students. Though I have always had a passion for teaching, Hollins provided me the background and tools to accomplish it successfully."

Frank Giannini
Frank Giannini, M.A.T. '08

"Hollins University's master of arts in teaching program was ideal for me as I embarked on a new career in education. Entering the teaching profession after another career seemed to be a daunting task, fortunately Hollins Track 2 Licensure program provided me with an opportunity to receive a quality education in teaching, fulfill state requirements for licensur,e and meet new friends at the same time."

Susan Jordan
Susan Jordan, M.A.T. '04

"I had an incredible experience while working on my master of arts in teaching at Hollins! From my intake appointment through the writing of my thesis and graduation, I was treated with respect and felt as if I were part of a family. The professors set high standards, yet at the same time realized I (along with many of my cohorts) was working full time and trying to take care of a family while furthering my education. I couldn't have made a better choice than Hollins University."

Chrystal Jones Shawn
Chrystal Jones Shawn, M.A.T. '04

"When I realized I wanted to be a teacher, I made sure to 'shop' around for the best program. When I read about the MAT program at Hollins and met with the director, it seemed to be the best fit for me; after I participated in my first class, I knew the program WAS the best fit. I have gained immeasurable knowledge in all my classes, and I cannot wait to apply these skills in my own classroom."

Jennifer Shamy
Jennifer Shamy, M.A.T. '07

"As a working mother of three, I never thought I’d be able to take university level courses again. The MAT program let me complete my certification while teaching full time for Roanoke City Schools. Hollins welcomed me in and helped me develop a plan that worked within my busy schedule. I have enjoyed being back in the college classroom so much. I am excited about continuing my work toward completing the master’s degree."