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Our First Year:
May 2007 - 2008

Our Second Year:
June 2008 - May 2009

Our Third Year:
June 2009 - May 2010

Our Fourth Year:
June 2010 - May 2011

Our Current Year:
June 2011 -

Playwriting news from the Playwright’s Lab:

Our Fourth Year: June 2010 - May 2011
Vol. 04, No. 01 (PDF)
(June, 2010)
  • Feedback Loop, by Adam Hahn at Studio Roanoke
  • No Shame Returns to Mill Mountain Theatre
  • New Submission Opportunities at Studio Roanoke
  • Devil Sedan, by Kenley Smith
  • Guerrilla Playhouse at Studio Roanoke
  • From the Director: Welcoming the summer students
Vol. 04, No. 02 (PDF)
(July, 2010)
  • Guest Faculty Profile: Kate Bredeson
  • Robert Plowman’s The Common: for as long as you have so far
  • Overnight Sensations at Mill Mountain Theatre
  • Festival of Student Readings
  • Guest Profile: Naomi Wallace
  • From the Director: Summer Session Recap
Vol. 04, No. 03 (PDF)
(August, 2010)
  • Up From the Lunar Surface by Nicole B. Adkins
  • Student Spotlight: Anna Gardner
  • Guest Profile: Joe Gilford
  • Student readings in New York (David Schwingle, Sean Engard, Royal Shiree)
  • Kenley Smith and Sunny daSilva featured at Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights
  • A Christmas Carol, by Clinton Johnston, Read at Hamner Theatre
  • From the Director: Actor and Director Database
Vol. 04, No. 04 (September, 2010)
  • Her Mother Was Imagination by Elizabeth Heffron given world premiere at Annex Theatre in Seattle
  • Guest Profile: Performers Exchange Project
  • Flower Duet by Maura Campbell
  • Living Between the Lines, by Todd Ristau and Joan Ruelle
  • From the Director: The Importance of Keeping a Portfolio
Vol. 04, No. 05 (PDF)
(October, 2010)
  • 12 Stations of the Cross, by Kenley Smith
  • Breadcrumb Sins at Manhattan Repertory Theatre
  • Guest Profile: Tanya Saracho
  • Best of No Shame
  • The Poe Plays by Sean Engard at STAGES in Fullerton
  • From the Director: Update on New Works Initiative
Vol. 04, No. 06 (PDF)
(November, 2010)
  • Krum Fits In, by Darlene Fedele
  • Student Spotlight: Scott Ramsburg
  • Guest Profile: Jonathan Price
  • Am I Black Enough Yet? by Clinton Johnston
  • Jeff Goode launches Resident Playwright Program at Skypilot
  • Kong: A Goddamn 30-Foot Gorilla by Adam Hahn
  • From the Director: NaPlaWriMo (National Playwriting Month)
Vol. 04, No. 07 (PDF)
(December, 2010)
  • Mitzi’s Abortion Published by Original Works Publishing
  • Student Spotlight: Kevin Ferguson
  • Guest Profile: Jason Aaron Goldberg
  • Open Me Last, Three Short Plays by Maura Campbell
  • Un-Holy Nite: 5 Short and Charmingly Irreverent Christmas Plays for High Schoolers by Samantha Macher
  • From the Director: Think of the Arts When Thinking About Year End Giving
Vol. 04, No. 08 (PDF)
(January, 2011)
  • New No Shame in San Luis Obispo
  • Student Spotlight: Wendy-Marie Foerster
  • Guest Profile: David Gothard
  • Fast & Loose Features Hollins Playwright and Faculty Member
  • Nicole B. Adkins Published and Named Children's Programming Director at SkyPilot Theatre
  • From the Director: Passing of Ellen Stewart
Vol. 04, No. 09 (PDF)
(February, 2011)
  • The (Brand) New Testament by Kenley Smith
  • Student Spotlight: Anne G’Fellers-Mason
  • Guest Profile: Ken Dingledine
  • Out of Control, Two One-Act Plays by Maura Campbell
  • SkyPilot's Showcase of Short Plays Features Hollins Playwrights
  • Neeley Gossett to Participate in Ethel Woolson Lab
  • Royal Shiree's dun been thru it
  • From the Director: Are there really too many theatres?
Vol. 04, No. 10 (PDF)
(March, 2011)
  • Summer 2011 Course Offerings
  • Student Spotlight: Yulia Gray
  • BOOTH by W. David Hancock
  • SETC 2011
  • From the Director: Backtalk, Navigating Post Show Discussions
Vol. 04, No. 11 (PDF)
(April, 2011)

  • Theatrical Gems and the Broadway for Broke People Cabaret
  • Student Spotlight: Rebecca Quirk
  • To The New Girl From the Former Mrs... by Samantha Macher at Manhattan Rep
  • The White Door by Royal Shiree read at Randolph College
  • Nicole B. Adkins wins National Playwriting Workshop Award
  • Book Roots
  • From the Director: Controversial Work and the Writer's Responsibility
Vol. 04, No. 12 (PDF)
(May, 2011)
  • Guest Profile: Branko Dimitrijevic
  • Guest Profile: Christopher Jones
  • This is My Office by Andy Bragen
  • Wendy-Marie Foerster's adaptation of NO EXIT
  • Ernie Zulia Receives Perry F. Kendig Award
  • From the Director: New Expanded Format Coming Next Month