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1 Jan 2013

Staff/Fac/Alum Book Club Choice: Turn Of Mind

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The library’s book club for staff, faculty and alums will next be meeting on Tuesday, January 22 at noon, to discuss Alice LaPlante’s literary thriller “Turn of Mind.”
We will meet at noon in the Hollins Room, with drinks and dessert provided by the library. Bring a brown bag lunch, bring a colleague, and join us! We look forward to seeing you here.
rsvp to Maryke Barber at mbarber@hollins.edu or 540-362-6328.

10 Dec 2012

“Kansas vs. Darwin” film Jan. 13

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The documentary film “Kansas versus Darwin,” showing at the library on January 13, is a chronicle of the 2005 hearings held by the Kansas State Board of Education. The hearings were held to examine the balance between creationism, evolution and intelligent design in the state’s science standards. Religion, science, and the politics of education came head to head in one of the most closely watched and contentious trials on evolution since the Scopes Trial in 1925.

Sunday, January 13 at 2:00 p.m.
In Jackson Screening Room
Introduced by Prof. Ryan Huish
Reception to follow

Director Jeff Tamblyn allows those on both sides of the debate to speak for themselves, with emotionally polarizing and occasionally very humorous results. Testimony is combined with direct interviews with school board members, educators, lawyers and spectators. As a result, the film has been both praised for its lack of bias, and criticized for presenting positions without analyzing them.

What is very clear is that challenges to the teaching of evolution will continue; several states have seen anti-evolution bills introduced since the Kansas hearings. This film is a fascinating record of one such attempt to re-define science for a generation of schoolchildren.

This program is sponsored by the Library, by Student Activities and the Film Department.

5 Dec 2012

Late Hours for Exams start Dec. 9

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DEC. 9 –13: UNTIL 2:00 AM
DEC. 15 – 17: UNTIL 2:00 AM

Night owls, don’t despair! The library will be open until 2 a.m. starting on December 9, through December 17. On Reading Day we will be open 24 hours. Come to work, stay for the munchies: free coffee and tasty snacks will be available in the evening hours, as will a table of games, bubbles and other stress-busters.

Don’t forget that on Reading Day, the third floor of the library becomes a quiet zone for those wishing to study in peace; groups are encouraged to use a study room or other space on the second and first floors.

Need some help? Our reference librarians are standing by to help you solve that knotty problem. You’ll find us at the desk, by email: askref@hollins.edu, by IM: askwyndham or by phone: 540-362-7465. Good luck with your exams!!!
The Library would like to thank Student Services for sponsoring the exam snacks :)

3 Dec 2012

Apply for the Undergraduate Research Award

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Show off your hard work and win!

The library’s annual undergraduate research award recognizes exemplary student research projects completed in Hollins courses with a cash prize of $250 and online publication. Eligible research projects will showcase extensive and creative usage of the library’s resources; the ability to synthesize those resources in completing the project; and growth in the student’s research skills.

Who: All current Hollins undergraduate students are eligible. There will be two (2) awards given: one for a freshman/sophomore, and the second for a junior/senior.

When: All applications will be due on February 28, 2013. Finalists will be announced in late March 2013, and the winners will be recognized at a reception in April 2013.

How: Choose a research project (paper; podcast; website; etc.) that you completed for a Hollins course or independent study during the three previous semesters (Fall 2012; Spring 2012; Fall 2011). You will need to have a faculty member (your class instructor; if the class instructor is unavailable, an advisor would be acceptable) agree to sponsor you for the award. As part of the application, you must write a 250-500 word essay explaining your project and the research you completed.

  •     Fill out an application form.
  •     Have your sponsoring faculty member fill out the recommendation form.
  •     E-mail an electronic version of your research project to jclarke@hollins.edu .

Why should I apply?: Because this is an awesome opportunity to show off your great work, and get rewarded for all the time you spent researching! As if that wasn’t enough, each winner will also receive:

  •     $250
  •     publication/archiving of your work on the library’s website and in the library’s archives
  •     an excellent item to put on your resume or grad school application
  •     the warm fuzzy feeling of recognition by peers and faculty

FOR MORE INFORMATION: http://libguides.hollins.edu/award .

30 Nov 2012

Information Literacy Awareness

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This fall, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell proclaimed the month of October “Information Literacy Awareness Month” in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
According to the Association of College and Research Libraries, information literacy is a skill set that includes finding, accessing, evaluating and using information. While not unique to the 21st century, in today’s information-rich environment these skills are more important than ever. Just think: could you travel, without finding and accessing information about your destination first? Would you vote, without evaluating the information provided to you by a campaign commercial? The proclamation recognizes the need for Virginia’s citizens to develop information literacy skills, stating that they are “a critical part of effective decision-making.”
College students use information literacy skills every day. In the library we focus on teaching those techniques that will both help students finish their homework and also prepare them to be smarter, more successful information consumers in their careers and lives beyond Hollins. Students learn how knowledge is organized by those who produce, disseminate, and preserve it; we also partner with faculty to teach the principles of using information ethically and effectively. Information literacy keeps us all busy: in the 2011-12 school year, library staff taught 96 classes to 1,071 students.
Governor McDonnell’s proclamation was the result of a campaign organized by the Library of Virginia, the official library and archives for the Commonwealth. The LVA has preserved the unique history and records of our state since 1823. It is also responsible for advancing and promoting libraries and archives state-wide to ensure that Virginians will have open and free access to information.
Read the full proclamation: http://tinyurl.com/ccxnx2c 
To learn more about information literacy, see the Association of College & Research Libraries website: http://tinyurl.com/cecdy45

28 Nov 2012

Featuring Roanoke Public Libraries

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If you’ve ever wondered what public libraries in Roanoke have to offer, now’s your chance to find out.  While the Wyndham Robertson Library and the Roanoke College Library supply academic materials, the public libraries have several features that can be very beneficial to students.

The Hollins Branch is conveniently located on Peter’s Creek Road, only five minutes away from campus.  They have audio books, an extensive children’s literature section and a well stocked fantasy and young adult section.  It is also possible to download audiobooks and eBooks to your computer and phone.  You are allowed to download 3 at a time and may keep them for
7-14 days. This branch also has a wide selection of films, including most new releases.  There is also an app available for mobile phones that allows you to use library services directly from your phone.  Visit http://va.boopsie.com to download this app.  Free
computer and internet use is also available and printing only costs 10 cents a page.

Check out the website for the  Hollins Branch of RPL:http://tinyurl.com/cocsjuw


25 Nov 2012

Need Some Homework help?

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The library and the writing center are coming to you! We’ll be tablesitting during dinner Monday through Thursday, November 26-29.
  • Research questions?
  • Writing questions?
  • Citation questions?

Come and see us!

19 Nov 2012

Staff/Fac/Alum Book Club is reading comedy for the holidays

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The library’s book club for staff, faculty and alums will meet in December to discuss P.G. Wodehouse’s classic comedy The Girl in Blue.
We will meet on Tuesday, December 11 at noon in the Hollins Room on the library’s third floor. Drinks and dessert will be provided by the library. Bring a brown bag lunch, bring a colleague, and join us!
Getting the book: our library has one copy, and  there are copies available from many of the public libraries: www.rvl.info. It’s out of print currently, but used copies are widely and inexpensively available (www.bookfinder.com ).
To rsvp: contact Maryke Barber at 540-362-6328 or mbarber@hollins.edu

31 Oct 2012

Special Collections Exhibit on Hollins History and the Little Theatre

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New Library Exhibit!  Now that that renovations are complete, come find out about theatrical activities in the early days of Hollins and the unique story of how the Little Theatre was built.  Display located on the 3rd floor of the library, next to the Hollins Room.

29 Oct 2012

Library Closing at 6:00 p.m. today (Oct. 29)

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Due to the cancellation of Hollins evening classes and events, the Library will also be closing after 6:00 p.m. today, October 29 . Any additional information or updates will be posted on my.hollins and on the library’s website.