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Hollins to Participate in Campus Conservation Nationals 2013

Hollins University is joining the more than 200 colleges and universities  that are taking part in Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) 2013, a nationwide electricity and water use reduction competition.

 Between February and April 2013, students at Hollins and across the country will vie to achieve the greatest reductions in their residence halls over a three-week period, which at Hollins will be February 20 – March 13.

Keep up with how Hollins is doing here: http://buildingdashboard.net/hollins/#/hollins/.

 The event was created by The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) through its Students Program and in partnership with Lucid, a cleantech software company; Alliance to Save Energy; and the National Wildlife Federation.

 “CCN is an opportunity to make immediate and lasting impacts on our carbon emissions and campus culture,” said Hollins Energy Manager Jesse Freedman.

During CCN 2012, Hollins’ first year in the competition, over 208,000 students, living in 1,200 buildings at 100 colleges and universities, collectively reduced 1.7 MWH of electricity and 1.5M gallons of water, saving schools $157,925 worth of electricity. The goal of the 2013 competition is to build on that success and encourage students to brainstorm innovative solutions for how their school can save energy and cut costs.

“CCN provides the perfect venue for students to demonstrate how their collective drive, paired with individual action and responsibility, can have a significant impact on their campuses and communities,” said Pat Lane, USGBC Students Program manager at the Center for Green Schools. “We are excited to build upon the success of previous years and empower a new corps of student organizers to be green building leaders.”

“The growth of CCN clearly demonstrates the desire and ability for people to change their behavior when it comes to using resources,” added Andrew deCoriolis, director of marketing and engagement at Lucid.

Participating schools can choose to compete against buildings on their own campus or against a select group of peer institutions, with savings from all participants accumulating to reach a national challenge goal. Using Lucid’s Building Dashboard®, competitors will be able to instantly compare performance, share winning strategies, and track standings among the leading schools and buildings.

To learn more about the competition, visit www.CompeteToReduce.org.

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