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Short Term

Every Hollins student must complete the equivalent of four Short Terms. Short Term takes place during the month of January. First-year students may enroll in an on-campus seminar, apply for one of a limited number of competitive local internships through our Career Center, or join a Hollins-sponsored travel study program. With the exception of the travel program participants, first-year students are required to remain in residence on campus during Short Term.

Short Term seminars are designed to provide students with a focus of study they could not normally receive during the regular academic terms. Courses are often experimental or experiential, allowing students to produce or experience something unique. At the end of Short Term, students may participate in a Short Term Extravaganza in which they display or talk about their work. Here is a list of some of the seminars that will be offered this coming Short Term:

  • Learning Navigation Skills
  • Snakes: Science, Superstition & Society
  • The Global Game: Futbol, Politics, and Culture

Our travel study programs include:

These trips involve additional costs for transportation and other fees. Please contact the faculty sponsor as soon as possible as space is limited, and students must go through an application process.

Please click on the Slide Show to see examples of students’ Short Term experiences. Contact Rebecca Beach, dean of academic services, at rbeach@hollins.edu with any questions.