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Short Term

Every Hollins student must complete the equivalent of four Short Terms. Short Term takes place during the month of January. Most transfer Horizon students will come to Hollins having completed at least one Short Term. Please check your Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) to see how many Short Terms you still need to complete.

Horizon students have a number of options for satisfying their January Short Term requirements. They can:

  • Participate in a Short Term seminar offered on campus. These seminars are generally designed to be experimental or experiential, allowing students to produce or experience something unique. At the end of Short Term, students can participate in a Short Term Extravaganza in which they display or talk about their work. Here are some examples of the seminars that will be offered this coming Short Term:
  • Learning Navigation Skills
  • Snakes: Science, Superstition & Society
  • The Global Game: Futbol, Politics, and Culture

  • Participate in a study travel program. Options for January 2015 include: The Caribbean Environment (Professors Godard rgodard@hollins.edu and Wilson mwilson@hollins.edu); Field Dance Study & Performance (Professor Bullock jbullock@hollins.edu; Spanish in Seville and French in Tours (Lauren Miller millerl@hollins.edu)
  • Additional costs are associated with these study travel programs. Please contact the faculty sponsor if you are interested as space is limited and an application is required.

  • Do an internship (please click on Career Center for more information about internships).

  • Carry out an independent study.

Sometimes attending a seminar or doing an internship is difficult for a Horizon student who works full time or has child care needs. For this reason, some Horizon students opt for completing Short Term requirements over the summer at other institutions. Another option for Horizon students is to take an additional course during a regular term. For instance, a Horizon student can take 16 regular term credits and then an additional course that she designates as a “Short Term Make-up.”

Please click on the Slide Show to see examples of students' Short Term experiences. Contact Rebecca Beach, dean of academic services, at rbeach@hollins.edu with any questions.