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Parents / guardians of new students

Please review the links within this section to find useful information about how you can best help your daughter to have a successful and fulfilling first year at Hollins.

Please read the following information carefully.

  • Under Empowering Your Daughter, you will find ideas for helping your daughter take responsibility for her education as well as her well being.
  • Dealing with Homesickness is a hard topic for parents and students alike. This link will provide you with helpful hints for both you and your daughter.
  • The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords university students certain rights with regard to their educational records. Please be sure to read this information carefully as it will let you know what the university can and cannot tell parents with regard to their daughters' educational experience.
  • The link entitled Your Daughter's First Extended Visit Home will help you prepare for the changes you might see in your daughter after she has been away from home for even a short period of time.
  • The Roommate Questions link will provide you with information about how roommates are matched and conflicts are managed, and the Handling Distraught Phone Calls link will provide you with helpful hints for dealing with emotionally charged phone calls home.
  • By clicking on the Health Services link, you will find information from the director of our Health and Counseling Services including office hours and vaccine recommendations.
  • Under How to Send Items, you will find information about which mailing services to use. For instance, all residential students have post office boxes, but they can also receive UPS packages and flowers.
  • Under Information Technologies, you will find requirements and recommendations for bringing a computer to campus, as well as information about Hollins' computing policies.
  • Parent/Guardian Orientation information will soon be available. While your daughter will be busy with her orientation, we have designed some special sessions for you to attend where you will have the opportunity to ask questions of the university's officers, members of the staff, and members of the Parents Council.
  • Additional helpful information for parents of new students can be found under the links to the Hollins Bookshop, Hollins Fund, a downloadable Campus Map, and an email link to ask questions of the Parents Council.

Please refer to the Contact Us page for a list of individuals who will be happy to answer any questions you might have between now and orientation.