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The parents’ perspective: Graduates from women’s colleges are more successful in their careers. They tend to hold higher positions, are happier, and earn more money.

"This university strives for excellence in everything, and it shows. We could not be more pleased."

Dave and Georden West '15When we were looking at colleges for our daughter, we asked ourselves three questions. First, would it provide a diverse educational environment and the leadership that would harness her passions, talents, and leadership skills? Second, would the university community enable and inspire her to get involved in activities outside the classroom, structured or unstructured? And third, does it promote a safe, secure, and supportive campus and learning environment? So far, as the parents of a first-year student, we are thrilled to report that Hollins has delivered outstanding results in all three and much, much more. Our experience, and Georden’s, has been outstanding. This university strives for excellence in everything, and it shows. We could not be more pleased.

—Dave West, father of Georden '15, Denver, Colorado


"Kelcy’s experiences while at Hollins were nothing short of spectacular."

The Mueller familyIn May 2013, Kelcy graduated from the University of Houston Law School. How many girls really get to follow their dreams? I’m not sure about the answer to that question, but I do know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Hollins was a huge part of Kelcy's achievement. I clearly remember the day the president of the university personally phoned to let Kelcy know she had earned the Batten Leadership Scholarship. That was a huge moment and the start of a truly amazing four years. Kelcy's experiences while at Hollins were nothing short of spectacular. She learned so many invaluable lessons both in and outside of the classroom through wonderful lifelong friends; teachers who taught and cared, laughed, and showed real compassion and passion for their students and their course content; classes that stretched her gifts and pushed her limits. I am just incredibly thankful Kelcy was blessed to experience the beauty of the Hollins bubble.

—Sandi Mueller, mother of Kelcy Mueller '10

The fall after her graduation from law school, Kelcy began working as an associate at Hoover Kernell LLP, a commercial and employment litigation firm in Houston.

"The students are the best advocates the school has."

Stuart, Vicki, and Hadley James '15I was not in favor of our daughter attending Hollins initially, because she had gone to a girls' high school and I felt she needed a coed experience. I had the erroneous impression that Hollins was sort of a "finishing school"—not a place for someone who wants to become a serious writer—but was I ever wrong! Hollins rose above because of its strong program in creative writing. I volunteer at a southern writer’s conference that meets bi-annually in our city and many of the authors who attend are graduates of Hollins. One of these authors, who teaches at a different university, told us he didn’t think there was a better creative writing program anywhere in the U.S. Additionally, Hollins came with a great price tag. Hadley was offered a generous scholarship and the out-of-pocket cost was far less than we would have had to pay at some of the northeastern schools she applied to. Plus, they seemed to really care about and want her. When she came for an overnight visit, she met a wonderful group of warm, caring young women who shared her interests and loved Hollins. The students are the best advocates the school has; when you talk to these young women they positively glow. Also, our daughter has found the academics at Hollins challenging without being overwhelming. She works hard, but is loving her classes and experiences. It’s great that she is in an environment where she can focus on what matters most to her at this point, without the "drama" that comes with a coed situation. She has been able to plunge right into writing classes without having to take a lot of prerequisites that have no bearing on what she wants to accomplish. She is very happy with her choice and so are we.

—Vicki James, mother of Hadley ’15, Chattanooga, Tennessee