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Clubs and organizations

College life isn't all work and studying. Hollins students find that they need other outlets besides classes for their creativity, altruism, natural leadership abilities, and social tendencies. That's why the clubs and organizations at Hollins have active members and lots of supporters, including faculty sponsors who join in as "just one of the gang."

The clubs and organizations you'll find at Hollins are not only well-attended, they're considered an essential part of the liberal arts education students receive.

The most active women at Hollins are also the happiest, and many of them credit their involvement with multiple activities as a reason they stayed at Hollins four full years. Though Hollins offers a three-year accelerated degree and a year-long exchange program with six area colleges, the women who belong to campus organizations say they don't want to miss anything by leaving, even for a single year.

If you have questions about clubs and organizations at Hollins, contact Doug Smith, director of student activities, (540) 362-6986 or smithda@hollins.edu.


Elective Organizations

Campus Organizations:

ADA promotes school spirit on the Hollins campus through skits, songs, announcements in the dining room, leading cheers at athletic events, and sponsoring the Red Cross Bloodmobile yearly.

Freya is an anonymous group of students dedicated to the principle that concern for the community is a creative and vital force. The group functions as a mediative body between faculty, administration, and students, as a group that tries to fill gaps left by other organizations; and as a body that responds to the needs of the college. The members are those who, out of love for the college and devotion to its values and standards, contribute to college life in the fields of scholarship, leadership, and creativity.

Academic Honor Societies:

Alpha Psi Omega consists of student actors, directors, designers, and technicians who seek to stimulate dramatic activities on campus and to assist in the staging of all departmental workshops and major productions as well as productions of visiting dramatic groups. Alpha Psi Omega offers an opportunity for involvement in the theatrical events and stage works of all types to all interested members of the Hollins community. Apprenticeship is available to every person expressing interest in the organization, and membership is earned by subsequent work on productions. apo@hollins.edu

Omicron Delta Kappa is an honorary leadership society to which fosters the development of responsible leadership and promotes involvement in the college and surrounding community.

Phi Beta Kappa, Iota chapter, was established in 1962 and recognizes outstanding scholarship and broad cultural interests in liberal studies.

Pinnacle is a national honor society for adult undergraduate students which seeks to support leadership and scholarship.

Other honorary societies on campus also support and recognize special interest and achievement in specific areas. To find out more about these societies, contact the appropriate department chair.


Organizations to Join

The Album, a campus literary journal published every semester, provides an alternative outlet for both traditional and experimental literary works. album@hollins.edu

Arts Association, a weekly gathering of painters, writers, photographers, actors, printmakers, and the like, interested in sharing their work and contributing to the Hollins art scene. artsassoc@hollins.edu

Black Student Alliance (BSA) is dedicated to providing an awareness of the African American culture in Hollins and Roanoke through programs and service. The BSA cultivates and encourage all women to become involved with leadership activities on the campus and to enhance the lives of our community. The alliance is an organization that helps to advance diversity, creativity, self-expression, unity, independence and self confidence. This organization is open to all women devoted to sharing and learning the African American culture. bsa@hollins.edu

Cargoes is the annual Hollins literary magazine of student work and Nancy Thorp Memorial Poetry Contest winners. In July 2005, Cargoes was awarded the Undergraduate Literary Prize for content by the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP). cargoes@hollins.edu

Community Garden provides environmental stewardship, food security, engagement with sustainable agriculture, problem solving and producing seasonal produce for the Hollins and Roanoke communities.

Cyborg Griffin is an annual literary magazine focused on fantasy and science fiction. We don’t discriminate! We accept everything from ghosts to fairies, zombies to killer and peace-loving robots, heroes in tights to heroines with nunchucks, We accept it all in the form of short stories, chapters, poetry, and artwork.

DIVAS (Developing and Inspiring Vibrant and Ambitious Students) is dedicated to helping students overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and be successful. DIVAS hosts workshops, events, and discussions designed to inspire and motivate all women.

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) works in the pursuit of feminist ideals — social, political, and economic equality for women and men, girls and boys.

Fencing Club is an intercollegiate sports club designed to foster the love of the sport through teaching and practice of it.

French Club is open to anyone who is interested in French language, culture, food, and the francophone world. Speaking French is not a requirement to participate or join! french@hollins.edu

Global Interest Association's (GIA) goal is to cultivate and promote an understanding and appreciation of the contributions, values, views and traditions of diverse cultures from around the world. Membership is open to all members of the Hollins community. gia@hollins.edu

Grapheon arranges programs of literary interest to the community, such as readings, teas, and socials.

Hollins Circus strives to give students an opportunity to learn as well as teach skills that aren't offered anywhere else on campus and hope to inspire creative thinking and spontaneity in the Hollins community.

Hollins Entertainment Radio (HER) was established during January 2012 as a Short Term project and is a 24-hour broadcast radio station run entirely by students.

Hollins Repertory Dance Company (HRDC) offers the opportunity for creative dance study, increased technical ability, composition, and performance by producing two major dance productions each year. Check out HRDC's blog at http://hrdc.tumblr.com. hrdc@hollins.edu

Hollins University Television (HUTV) is Hollins' student-run closed-circuit television station. hutv@hollins.edu

Model UN is a club and class that explores how the UN works and current global issues through debate and conferences. modelun@hollins.edu

OUTloud promotes the equality of all people and to foster an awareness of the need for equal rights legislation. Members of this organization seek to work collaboratively both in and out of the Hollins community, educating and increasing awareness about sexual orientation. OUTloud provides a confidential forum for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) concerns in an open and positive environment. OUTloud educates and increases awareness about motivations both for and against the implementation of laws to achieve and secure equal rights for individuals based on their sexual orientation. outloud@hollins.edu

Psychology Club provides opportunities and encouragement for students interested in psychology by seeking to enhance an understanding and knowledge of the field of psychology.

Spiritual and Religious Life Association (SRLA) focuses on helping to create a religiously tolerant and knowledgeable Hollins through discussion, introspection, service, and worship.

STAND is a student anti-genocide coalition. Hollins' STAND is a branch of a larger organization which was formed in an effort to curtail genocide worldwide.

Students for Environmental Action (SEA) is committed to reducing the environmental impact of Hollins. They plan eco-friendly activities, take field trips, arrange speakers, and work closely with the EAB (Environmental Advisory Board) to plan Earth Day festivities. They also collaborate with the Sodexo Sustainability Coordinator to create more local and organic dining options.

Students Helping Achieve Rewarding Experiences (SHARE) coordinates students who wish to serve as volunteers in the Roanoke area and internationally and to gain a deeper self-understanding through service to others. Assists with volunteer placements in the areas of: youth, elderly, homeless, crisis intervention, hospital assistance, and school systems/tutoring. Opportunities are also available at museums, Mill Mountain Theatre, Mill Mountain Zoo, and other quality-of-life organizations. SHARE also offers qualified students the opportunity to participate in a mini Peace Corps project in Jamaica during Short Term and Spring Break. share@hollins.edu

TAP That teaches students the art and history of tap dance.

WA2 (Women Who Appreciate Anime) promotes the viewing and appreciation of Japanese animation. wa2@hollins.edu

Wilderness Adventure Club (WAC) serves as an organization to foster outdoor leadership and fun and to raise awareness of various events offered through the Hollins Outdoor Program (HOP).

Women of Hollins Outdoor Athletics (WHOA) builds and fosters a competitive avenue through which women feel empowered to train and participate in outdoor athletics.


SGA Committees

SGA is the students' means of self-governance, giving them a role in forming academic and social policies. All undergraduate students are members of SGA. Three branches that include elected and appointed representatives carry out these functions. These branches include the Executive, officers making up Round Table; the Legislative, or student Senate; and the Judicial, consisting of the Honor Court, Student Conduct Council, and Appeal Boards. There is also the Hollins Activities Board that plans all the extra-curricular events like bands, speakers, and formals.

Student Government is a critically important part of Hollins life. With over 80 SGA positions, there are many opportunities for students to get involved in active leadership on campus.

Academic Policy Board deals with issues concerning academic majors, tenure and promotion of faculty, and providing student representation to various committees that make academic policy decisions for the university.

The Hollins Activity Board, or HAB, consists of four planning chairs, the Club Coordinator who aids new and existing clubs: Athletics Association Chair, who helps plan Spirit Week and the athletic banquet; Publicity and Promotions Chair; and the Student and Religious Life Association President, as well as four general members and each class's vice president. This board plans and executes concerts, speakers, Fall Formal, and Cotillion as well as numerous cultural events throughout the year.

The Judicial Branch consists of two boards. The Judicial Board hears cases coming before the Honor Court, those that involve lying, cheating or stealing; and the Student Conduct Council, those that involve any other infraction against rules set out in the student handbook. The Appeal Board hears any case that is appealed from the Judicial Board as well as traffic ticket appeals.

Round Table consists of the top SGA officers, class presidents, and representatives from HAB. This board discusses sensitive issues raised by students in a confidential setting and then brings these issues with possible legislation or other action to Senate.

Senate consists of all elected or appointed SGA officers and chairs as well as a representative from each student club and organization. This weekly meeting is a place where student concerns, pending legislation, or important issues are brought for discussion and voting. Any student, faculty, or staff is welcome at Senate's weekly meeting.


Other Organizations

Student ambassadors serve as representatives of the admission office. Among their responsibilities are hosting prospective students overnight, giving campus tours, staffing on campus events, acting as panelists for Q & A sessions, and calling prospective students. Ambassadors are selected through a counselor referral, an application and/or an interview process and are required to participate in an intensive training program. Interested students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better. Applicants must be in good disciplinary standing as well.

Admission interns assist the admission office in organizing and implementing major recruitment activities. They also serve as members of the executive board to the ambassador program and participate in selecting, training, and scheduling Hollins ambassadors in their various activities. Admission interns are chosen through a selective application and interview process. Typically, three upperclasswomen are selected to serve as a team, and individually act as the hostess oordinator, the head tour guide, and on-campus events assistant.

Annual Fund Phonathon raises money for the annual fund. Callers contact alumnae and parents to update them on the college and to solicit contributions.

Senior Legacy Program committee members assist with raising awareness for the Hollins Fund by building unity and spirit in their class, while helping seniors leave their legacy for future generations of Hollins students. The committee works closely with staff to make a plan, set individual and group goals, and motivate and engage their fellow members of the senior class on behalf of Hollins’ annual fundraising campaign.

Student Success Leaders (SSLs) assist first-year students by facilitating academic needs during orientation and first-year seminars.

Hollins Outdoor Program instructors provide advanced skills training in adventure education, group facilitation, and presentation communication for leadership positions on outdoor program adventures and activities.

Orientation team members (O-Team) orient new students to Hollins during orientation and throughout the first year.

Resident assistants assist in creating community in which students may complement their academic development with personal and intellectual growth.