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Undergraduate residency requirement

Helping students prepare for a lifetime of success is at the core of everything we do at Hollins. Experiences in and outside of the classroom are essential to a well-rounded education. That's why preserving a residential campus - part of the Hollins mission - is so critical. Students perform stronger academically, learn greater leadership skills, gain a larger network of friends and contacts, and enhance personal development as an active, engaged member of the Hollins Community.

As a residential university, traditional-aged undergraduate Hollins students are required to live on campus to enable them to fully benefit from their Hollins experience. Adult Horizon students are not required to live on-campus.

Requests for exemption
Traditional undergraduate students who fit one or more of the following criteria may apply for residency exemptions:

  • 23 years or older
  • Live with parents or legal guardian in Botetourt County, City and County of Roanoke, City of Salem, Town of Vinton or within a 40 mile radius of Hollins based on MapQuest
  • Married or have dependent children
  • Independent status (as classified by the Department of Education and/or Hollins University)
  • Medical

All exemption requests must be brought to the director of housing and residence life for review based on the following process:

  1. Students seeking an exception must complete and submit the Exemption from Residency Policy request form, with appropriate documentation, to the director of housing and residence life. The request must detail the nature and reasons for the exception.
  2. If the request is based on a medical reason, please submit a letter from the physician, psychologist or other licensed medical professional that indicates the diagnosis and specific living requirements/needs.
  3. All requests for off-campus housing must be received by June 1 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester. For all new students, all requests should be made upon admission to Hollins.
  4. The director of housing and residence life, in consultation with the dean of students and other campus offices as appropriate, will review the request and make the final decision for exemption.
  5. Requests received after the deadline may not be granted. Students are reminded that signing a lease prior to being approved to live off campus does not constitute an exception to this policy.

If you are still considering applying to live off campus, please read, complete, and return the Exemption from Residency Policy request form.