Dance M.F.A.


New location for M.F.A. Dance European Study starting summer 2023

The Hollins University innovative 60-credit M.F.A. program offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves for five weeks during the summer in the intimate learning atmosphere at Hollins University, followed by three weeks of international study and immersion in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (beginning summer 2023). This graduate program provides students with a wide range of experiences and opportunities, mentorships, and exposure to others in the international dance field. The M.F.A. students and faculty establish a unique community of committed artists/scholars who range in ages and experiences and are working to sustain their careers and deepen their relationship to dance.

The program offers a flexible but rigorous course of study. Using the resources of national and international institutions, the program offers three tracks: Year Residency Track, Low Residency-Two Summer (with professional field credit qualification), and Low Residency-Three Summer Tracks. Coursework and ongoing exposure to professionals/scholars from around the globe in the field of modern dance combined with opportunities both on and off campus prepares students to negotiate a diverse range of issues as they contemplate graduation and how they will engage in new communities, search for and/or continue in jobs at different institutions, and support their continued creative and academic work.

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