Senior Art History Symposium

2022 Art History Senior Symposium

Art History majors, Spring 2022

Students write an original research paper and then present it during the annual symposium.

2022 Art History Senior Symposium poster

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History Kristen Streahle says, “In their senior year, art history majors delve into original research projects over the course of the the academic year. We encourage their experimentation with and exploration of the critical methods and disciplinary questions that they’ve encountered throughout their time at Hollins. In a supportive classroom environment, they produce and revise multiple drafts; gain confidence with public speaking; and learn the art of presenting their ideas in a clear, concise manner. Best of all, our Symposium provides the whole Hollins community with the opportunity to share in their success as emerging art historians.”

Recent topics:

  • “Dorothy Gillespie: A Forgotten Chapter of the Women’s Art Movement”
  • “‘A Beautiful Body and a Beautiful Mind:’ Florentine Women in Quattrocento Portraiture”
  • “Unbuilt Modernity: Florence and the Visionary Architecture of Superstudio and Archizoom”
  • “Clémentine-Hélène Dufau’s Deuxième Début: Reintroducing a Forgotten Female Artist”
  • “The Implications of Architectural Style in the Gilded Age: Biltmore House and Maymont Mansion”
  • “A Matter of Class: Sin Yun-bok’s Depictions of Kisaeng as Participants of Everyday Life”
  • vase“Minimalism to Sustainability Practice: the Work of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe”
  • “A Matter of the Family: The Macdowell-Eakins Collection”
  • “Food: Crossing the Binary”
  • “Artificial Archives: Memory and Ephemera in Installation Art”
  • “Binary Opposition: Greek Myths on Greek Pottery and Etruscan Hand Mirrors”
  • “Echo and Narcissus”
  • “‘Take This as an Example, You Maidens’: Lessons of Decorum in Santa Maria Novella”
  • “Eternal Wanderer: Displacement and Fragmentation in Chagall’s Jerusalem Windows”
  • “On Her Knees. Wyeth’s Helga Portraits Through a Feminist Lens”
  • “A Paradox of Forms: Feline Goddesses as Protectors and Destroyers”
  • “Samuel H. McVitty: The Passionate Collector”
  • “Sex, Slumming, and a Striptease: Robert Henri’s Salome”
  • “A Lack of History. A Lack of Land. A Lack of Art? Jewish Art in Diaspora”
  • “Margaret Rosalie Culligan: Half Sick of Shadows: Reexamining the Pre-Raphaelite Lady of Shalott”
  • “Ariel K. Rudy: Between Heaven and Earth: Collective Memory Across Time and Place in the Quilts of Harriet Powers”