Senior Portfolio

By the end of senior year, interdisciplinary majors will submit a capstone portfolio to the program chair for evaluation.


  1. A cover page with:
    • Student’s name
    • Class year
    • Major title
    • Major description
    • Names of advisors
  2. Description of career goals and plans
  3. Resume and cover letter
  4. List of the courses taken for the major, including:
    • Each course number and title
    • Description of how each course supports the interdisciplinary major
  5. Graded research paper from the 300-level independent study (or other 300-level course in the major)
  6. Description of the internship required for the major
  7. Evaluation form from the supervisor of the required internship related to the major program of study
  8. The academic work required by the faculty sponsor of the internship
  9. Personal essay evaluating the internship related to the major program of study with respect to the student’s future career or education goals

Graduating senior majors will meet with the chair of the interdisciplinary program to review their portfolios in the last full week of classes prior to graduation.