AP, IB, and Cambridge Credits

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Will I receive credit for my work in Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) or A-Level courses?

What about dual enrollment?

First-year, first-time students may bring in a maximum of 32 total credits through AP, IB, A-level, or dual enrollment coursework (or a combination thereof) completed while in secondary school.

Advanced Placement (AP) credits

Transfer credit will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis; however, no more than 32 credits shall be given for credit earned through these programs. The International Academic Credentials Handbook, published by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers, will be the primary resource used in evaluated courses and assigning credit.

Students must receive a score of 4 or 5 on the following AP examinations in order to receive credit at Hollins University. Below is a list of  accepted courses.


AP Research
AP Seminar


AP Art History
AP Music Theory
AP Studio Art: 2-D Design
AP Studio Art: 3-D Design
AP Studio Art: Drawing


English Language and Composition
English Literature and Composition.

History and Social Science

Comparative Government and Politics
European History
Human Geography
United States Government and Politics
United States History
World History

Math & Computer Science

Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Computer Science A
Computer Science Principles


Environmental Science
AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
AP Physics C: Mechanics
AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based
AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based

World Languages & Cultures

Chinese Language and Culture
French Language and Culture
German Language and Culture
Italian Language and Culture
Japanese Language and Culture
Spanish Language and Culture
Spanish Literature and Culture

International Baccalaureate (IB) Credits

Students who complete the full IB diploma with a score of 30 or higher, with no individual test score of less than 4, will be awarded 32 credits. Credit from Standard Level IB courses are only transferable if the student achieves this threshold.

If a student isn’t pursuing the IB diploma, but is taking Higher Level IB courses and completes the final examination with a score of 5 – 7, 8 credits will be awarded for each course, to the maximum of 32 credits.

Dual Enrollment

Students will receive credit for course work which was completed through a dual enrollment program with an accredited college or university if a final grade of C or better (not C-) was earned. A maximum of 32 credits can be transferred as a first-year student.

Cambridge or A-Level Examinations

Transfer credit will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis; however, no more than 32 credits shall be given for credit earned through these programs.

Hollins’ 3-year Accelerated Degree and Your Transfer Credits

Pursuing completion of your bachelor’s degree in three years is a great option for students who are interested in conserving financial resources, in getting an early start on graduate school, or diving into the job market. Students must consult with an academic advisor and the dean of academic success and receive approval for entry into the 3-year accelerated track within their first year of enrollment.

  • Dual enrollment, AP, IB credits can be applied.
  • The program is available to first-time, first-year students.
  • In the first year of the program, students must maintain a 3.25 GPA, elect a major during the second semester, and successfully complete no fewer than 40 academic credits.
  • Students in the accelerated program must have achieved at least a 3.00 GPA by the conclusion of the three-year program and take a course load of around 44 credits each year.