Miss Matty’s Circle


Miss Matty’s Circle is named in honor of Martha Louisa Cocke, class of 1874. “Miss Matty” was the second president of Hollins from 1901 to 1933, and the first woman to head a college in Virginia. Our darling Miss Matty received her entire education at Hollins; in fact, she was born and died at Hollins. She taught classes in mathematics, English language and Literature, French, and German, and was cherished by and devoted to Hollins.

Read more about Miss Matty in this essay by Beth Harris.


Current students can join Miss Matty’s Circle with a cumulative gift that corresponds to their graduation year by June 30 of that year.

Alumnae who have graduated in the last 14 years can join Miss Matty’s Circle with gift levels that follow a rubric according to the number of years since graduation. Until July 2023, this would include the classes of 2007 through 2022.

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Years since graduation Graduation Year Qualifying amount
0 years 2023 $20.23
1 year 2022 $60 ($5/month)
2 years 2021 $90 ($7.50/month)
3 years 2020 $120 ($10/month)
4 years 2019 $180 ($15/month)
5 years 2018 $240 ($20/month)
6 years 2017 $300 ($25/month)
7 years 2016 $420 ($35/month)
8 years 2015 $540 ($45/month)
9 years 2014 $720 ($60/month)
10 years 2013 $900 ($75/month)
11 years 2012 $1,000 ($84/month)
12 years 2011 $1,200 ($100/month)
13 years 2010 $1,500 ($125/month)
14 years 2009 $1,680 ($140/month)

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