Be a Class or Reunion Volunteer


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Class volunteers are elected at every reunion. Each position is held for the five years between each class’s reunion.


reunion chair

The primary goal of the Reunion Chair is to get as many classmates as possible to return to campus for Reunion Weekend.

  • Form committees for networking, special class events, creative parade attire, and a decorative hospitality room
  • Reach out to classmates encouraging them to attend reunion, and support class gift goals
  • Schedule and conduct a class meeting during reunion, to identify class leadership for the next Reunion

Current Reunion Volunteers

Reunion committee

reunion committee

Committee members assist with networking and help reflect the class character on Reunion activities and events like the hospitality room, parade, and special events.  These members should be committed to engaging classmates and supporting the Reunion Chair.

Current Reunion Volunteers

Suzy Mink

reunion gift chair

The reunion gift chair(s) position should be held by consistent donors to the Hollins Fund who desire to help their class participate more in the Hollins Fund.

  • Solicit classmates in writing and by telephone
  • Coordinate appeal letters with the Hollins Fund office
  • Plan cultivation of classmates
  • Recruit a committee for reunion year solicitations

Current Reunion Volunteers

Alumnae Magazine cover

class reporter

The class reporter serves as the main point of contact between Hollins and her class, particularly during non-reunion years.  She (or he, for graduate programs) is responsible for submitting a class letter column three times a year, for each issue of Hollins magazine, composed of news from her classmates.

  • Maintain a class file with an accurate record of class business
  • Report any changes in classmates’ names, address information, or any other biographical updates to Alumnae Relations

Instructions for Class Reporters

Current Class Reporters

Note: class letters are only published in the print edition of Hollins magazine.