Hollins Will Not Compete In Intermediate Transmission Risk Sports This Spring

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Hollins University Athletics has decided to opt out of intermediate transmission risk sports, as defined by the NCAA, during Spring 2021.

Hollins will not compete in women’s volleyball, women’s soccer, women’s indoor track and field, or women’s lacrosse.

In December, the university announced it was canceling women’s basketball for the 2021 season.

“I am heartbroken for all our athletes that this year has been so disrupted, regardless of what else happens this spring. But I am especially sorry for our seniors,” said Director of Athletics Myra Sims.

Sims and Hollins President Mary Dana Hinton stated that keeping students safe is their top priority.

“The higher transmission risk at the intermediate level, combined with the unpredictability of the virus and the likelihood a vaccination for our student population will not arrive until late spring at the earliest, leads us to believe suspending these sports is the only responsible path for us if our priority is to complete the academic term together on campus in the spring,” they noted.

Hollins is still making plans to participate this spring in sports deemed “low risk” by the NCAA. These include cross country, outdoor track and field, tennis, riding, and swimming.